EXCLUSIVE! M2 Reveals Their Next 15th Anniversary Print For Troy Duffy’s “Boondock Saints” By Brian Luong



M2 is the brainchild of writer/director duo Adam Martin and Eben Matthews.  They have partnered with “Boondock Saints” creator, writer, director, Troy Duffy to release a fantastic set of tribute prints celebrating the 15th anniversary of the cult-classic film.  The Poster Series was conceived by M2 Creative Director and “Boondock Saints : The Comic” Series Producer, Eben Matthews as a way to artfully celebrate the film. Each print is crafted by a different artist who is invited to interpret the source material and expand the ideas and characters from the film in new artistic directions.


The newest prints in the series are by Southern California artist Brian Luong.  He favors natural and organic subject matters, often building upon what nature has to offer in order to create otherworldly and mysterious subjects for his work. Using a muted pallet, meticulous hatching, and broad fills of color, Brian creates work that has been honed and refined to best suit the silkscreen printing process. His latest prints, much like the film they represent, are pretty damn cool.  Check out both versions below.


“Tools of the Trade” (regular edition) by Brian Luong

4 colors featuring metallic silver ink

24″ X 36″ screenprint

Hand numbered edition of 250

Printed by Modern Multiples

Signed by franchise creator, Troy Duffy and artist Brian Luong.



“Tools of the Trade” (regular edition) by Brian Luong

5 colors featuring metallic silver and gold inks

24″ X 36″ screenprint

Hand numbered edition of 50

Printed by Modern Multiples

Signed by franchise creator, Troy Duffy and artist Brian Luong


Here are the first offerings from the series.


#1 : “And Shepherds We Shall Be” by Eben Matthews is inspired by classic illustrated movie posters and combines memorable moments and images with signature quotes from the films endless array of classic dialogue.


#2 : “Open for Business” by Eisner Award winning “The Fifth Beatle” artist, Andrew Robinson imagines a storyline set between Boondock Saints and Boondock Saints II that takes the brothers on a wild adventure as they make their way to Ireland, catching them squarely in the crossfire between the I.R.A. and the C.I.A.

The series will end with a 6th and final offering at a later date.  Uber fans of the film will be happy to hear that there are also discount subscriptions for the purchase of multiple prints!  You can get updates about the project along with early sneak peeks by joining the M2 Mailing List.

Stay up to date with everything M2 has going on by checking out their OFFICIAL WEBSITE and follow them on TWITTER.

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EXCLUSIVE! Feast Your Eyes Upon Phase 2 Of The Poster Posse’s Stellar Tribute To… “Interstellar”

….see what we did there….”stellar?”  Yesterday we gave you a look at Phase 1 of our tribute to Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Sci-Fi adventure, “Interstellar.”  Fans really seemed to love all the art and today we are bringing you the final part of the project.

Interstellar-Trailer nolan

This time out we are featuring the  art of Poster Posse members: Simon Delart, Orlando Arocena, Richard Davies, Daniel Nash, Matt Needle, Benjamin Mcleod, Ben Whitesell, Andy Fairhurst, and Luke Butland.  One thing to keep in mind is that we do these projects months ahead of the movie’s release date and all we have for resources are teaser trailers and interviews from around the web.  This amazing art is conjured up from the very depths of each artist’s imagination.

INTERSTELLAR_Orlando Arocena_2014_PPOrlando Arocena – USA   Understanding that the general theme of the movie is about how the Earth’s natural resources can longer sustain life, and how the Human Race must risk it all in the exploration of a better, more sustainable world, I found inspiration by looking at cosmic charts and spiritual iconography from many cultures. I made a connection by metaphorically representing the space craft launching off Earth in a quest for life with the symbolic representation of the “Seed of Life”. – Orlando Arocena

INTERSTELLAR_Seed of Life_Orlando Arocena_2014_PP

Orlando Arocena – “Seed Of Life” variant



Simon Delart – France  (This evil genius created this image utilizing 2328 triangles….yep, we said triangles.)



Matt Needle – U.K.



Andy Fairhurst - U.K. 

Daniel Nash - Interstellar Fin Small PP

Daniel Nash - U.K.

Click the link below to see the rest of the Poster Posse’s amazing art tribute to “Interstellar.”

CLICK HERE to see the rest of the Posse’s art from Phase 2 of “Interstellar”

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Watch What Happens When You Mash Up “Guardians Of The Galaxy” With The Video Game “Destiny”

Rich Davies-Guardians of the Galaxy

Poster by Rich Davies for the Poster Posse Tribute Project See more HERE & HERE

….well, taking one of THE most popular movies of the year and pairing it with one of the most anticipated video games of the year seems like a no-brainer.  Both properties are breaking records at retail and both look fantastic.  It’s really simple math if you think about it:  AWESOME + AWESOME = AWESOME²!  Well check out this fan made mash-up and we are pretty sure that when it is all over 2 things will be accomplished, 1 – you will want to go see Guardians of the Galaxy again and 2 – You will get up in the morning and go get the Bungie video game Destiny.


“Destiny” Poster By Poster Posse member Chris Skinnersee more HERE.


As an added bonus we have included this INSANE live action trailer for “Destiny” too.  We absolutely want to see this as a live action film and the fact that they are using one of our all-time favorite Led Zeppelin songs earns them bonus points for THAT as well!  Let us know what you guys think down in the comments section below.

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Exclusive! Poster Posse Project #11 Heads For The Stars With A Tribute To Christopher Nolan’s Sci-Fi Adventure: “Interstellar”


There is no denying the brilliance possessed by writer / director, Christopher Nolan.  Since 2000’s “Memento” he has given us some mind-bending, engulfing and mesmerizing stories. “Batman Begins,” “The Prestige”, “The Dark Knight,” “Inception” etc. have all given us a smorgasbord of excellent storytelling partnered with an incredible visual assault that leaves fans craving his next film project.


Well the Poster Posse is right there with you which is why we are excited that our newest project pays tribute to Nolan’s new flick, “Interstellar.”  “Interstellar” chronicles the adventures of a group of explorers who make use of a newly discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations on human space travel and conquer the vast distances involved in an interstellar voyage.


John Aslarona – USA  (new member)


Harlan Elam – USA 

Interstallar_Elam_Detail1 Interstellar_Elam_Detail2

Harlan Elam detail shots

The film stars Matthew McConaughey, Michael Caine (one of Nolan’s go-to actors), Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon, Bill Irwin, Ellen Burstyn, Casey Affleck, Topher Grace, John Lithgow, and Wes Bentley.  After watching the trailers, we can’t help wonder if McConaughey will be getting another award for his trophy case with this performance?

Poster INTERSTELLAR low res

Rodolfo Reyes – Mexico

Joe VetoeInterstellar

Joe Vetoe – USA


Kaz Oomori – Japan

Click the link below to see more tribute images from the Poster Posse for “Interstellar.”

CLICK HERE to see more images from Phase 1 of the Poster Posse’s tribute to “Interstellar”

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This October 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Delivers An Adventure As Big As The Universe: “Earth To Echo”


This wonderful journey, “full of adventure, bravery, excitement, and friendship…has something for audiences of all ages” (Claudia Puig, USA Today). The “lively and likable” (Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times) tale is told through the eyes of Tuck, Munch and Alex, a trio of pals who make an out-of-this-world discovery.


After receiving signals on their phones, they meet Echo, a small, but amazingly energetic, alien trying to make his way back to his home planet. As they race to help their new friend, the boys will discover that little Echo has touched their hearts in unexpected ways and changed their lives forever.

Blu-ray Special Features
● Creating the Truck Scene
● Casting the Characters
● “We Made That!” The Making of Earth to Echo
● Friends No Matter How Far
● Six Deleted Scenes
● Theatrical Trailer


DVD Special Features
● Friends No Matter How Far
● Theatrical Trailer

Earth To Echo will be available on Digital HD on October 7th and coming to Blu-ray and DVD on October 21st.  Click HERE to preorder your copy today.

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Poster Posse Artist Doaly Asks, “What’s In The Case?” With His 20th Anniversary Tribute Piece For “Pulp Fiction”

Director, writer Quentin Tarantino’s tales of violence, drugs and revenge, blew people’s minds when “Pulp Fiction” came out in 1994.  With an all-star cast that includes John Travolta, Sam Jackson, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, Ving Rhames, Rosanna Arquette, Tim Roth and Eric Stoltz, to name a few, it is still just as vibrant and entertaining today as it was 20 years ago.

PF-6 pulp-fiction-guns Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 3.22.38 PM

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of this brilliant film, Poster Posse member Doaly has crafted a fitting tribute piece that relates directly back to the movie.  Doaly’s piece is titled: “What’s In The Case?” and it’s fitting because over the years, folks have speculated all kinds of crazy theories about what it could be.


The diamonds from the robbery in ‘Reservoir Dogs’, drugs, Marsellus Wallace’s soul and many more theories have all been thrown.  Remember, the combination for the case WAS “666” does that have anything to do with it?  Well Doaly, much like Tarantino, is letting the fans decide with this new print.

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 3.33.32 PM(Close up of Doaly’s anniversary combination for the case.)


The print is available for purchase in DOALY’S STORE and is offered in various sizes.  Follow Doaly on TWITTER to stay up to date with everything he has going on  and check out his OFFICIAL WEBSITE to see more sensational art.

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