Exclusive: PHASE 1 Of Poster Posse Project #9 Goes To The Stars With Our Tribute To The Marvel/James Gunn Blockbuster: “Guardians Of The Galaxy”

POSTER POSSE_LOGO-20We want to start off by saying that WE believe that ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘ will be THE biggest movie of the year and we predict that they will announce #2 VERY shortly after the opening weekend.  That being said, it only made sense that the Poster Posse would release a cavalcade of glorious art paying tribute to James Gunn’s vision of a bunch of ‘a-holes‘ in outer space.

_The-Guardians-of-the-GalaxyWhen I first announced this title to the group as an upcoming project, they all agreed that THIS was going to be a blast and after seeing all the art, it looks as if they ABSOLUTELY had a great time coming up with some sensational images.


_Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-Star-LordWe have a few new Posse members and even a guest artist contribution for this offering and I have to say, I want ALL of these on my walls!  I promised “Original 8″ member, Matt Ferguson, that I would start things off with his BRILLIANT mash up.  Truth be told, he had this one done for some time now and has been DYING to share it.  I somehow managed to placate him until the launch and now I am pleased to reveal not only his masterpiece but all the art for Phase 1.

gotgdetail3gotgdetail2We asked Matt about this perfectly executed mash up and here is what he had to say.  “I can’t think of a film I have been more excited about in years. When asked to make a poster for the Poster Posse based on ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ I thought to my self ‘Why am I so excited about this film?’. This led me to think about the way it has been marketed as an old school space romp akin to Star Wars and other films of my youth… then I had a lightbulb moment and realized ‘Why not just do a Star Wars mashup!?!’. My favorite Star Wars poster is definitely the classic Tom Jung design for the first film, so I just did that. Simple really. I have a goood feeling about this movie.”

gotgdetail1gotgdetail4Well Matt may have a “good feeling” about this movie but I have been loosing sleep sitting on this amazing print.  My desire to share it was almost my undoing but alas, here it is, in all it’s glory.

GOTGwars_finMatt Ferguson – U.K.

If there is someone, James Gunn….ANYONE at Marvel that I can BEG to get this made into an official print, I’d be able to die a happy man.  This print belongs on fans walls.  The homage to the classic work of Tom Jung combined with the current day vision of Marvel and James Gunn make this a must have print!  Aside from being an awesome print….it would look pretty damn good as a tee as well….just saying…

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 8.50.50 PM

poster(Ok, Ok… I’ll get off my soapbox and show you some MORE insane art that ALSO needs to be on your walls.)

kaz_GOTG_size_mKaz Oomori – JapanKaz’s distinct style and perspective fits PERFECTLY with this movie.

kaz_GOTG_Variant_size_mKaz Oomori Variant

_guardians-candykillerNEW MEMBER!!!!  Candykiller – Scotland  To say I’m excited about having Brian in the Posse is an understatement and his first outing with the group is absolutely top notch!

draxcloseupCandykiller detail

PP-Guardians-doaly 2Doaly – U.K.  This may be a first for Doaly as he has only submitted ONE print for this project.  That being said, it’s quite brilliant and the subtle details really make this one a hit.

PP-Guardians-doaly-detailDoaly detail

GOTG-POSTER-CHAD-WOODWARDChad Woodward – U.K.  Chad went and designed some character badges that would be the envy of any galactic Boy Scout.

GOTG-BADGES-CHAD-WOODWARDChad Woodward – Character Badges

GOTG-juan-martinezJuan Martinez – USA

GOTG-juan-martinez-1Juan Martinez

Guardians of the GalaxyMarko Manev – Macedonia (regular edition)

Guardians of the Galaxy_VariantMarko Manev – Macedonia (variant edition)


GOTG_RBruno_PP9Robert Bruno – USA  ‘In creating this tribute poster for ‘GOTG,’ I actually wanted to pay tribute to a piece I did for the ‘Avengers,’ about two years ago. I basically took all the new techniques and styles I’ve been working and playing around with over the past few years to create a retro style portrait for each of the Guardians.’ Enjoy! – Robert Bruno

Gamora_RBruno Drax_RBruno XXX GUARDIANS-GALAXY-MOV-JY-0691.JPG A ENT Rocket_RBruno Groot_RBrunoAs promised we have included an image from a “guest artist” this time around and it’s by a fine chap out of Bristol, U.K. who goes by the name of Mr. Flurry.  I think he captured Rocket’s demeanor quite nicely and lookout for Groot lurking in the background!

MrFlurry_GOTGMr Flurry – U.K.

Gotg_Sharm_PP_Web SizeSharm Murugiah – London

GotG_orb_BERKAY_DAGLARBerkay Daglar – Turkey

GotG_walkman_BERKAY_DaglarBerkay Daglar – Sony Walkman Variant

Daniel Nash - Guardians.Fin.MediumDaniel Nash – England

PrintFlorey – Australia



PS_Guardians_ILLO_PP_webPaul Shipper – U.K.

_PS-detail6 _PS-detail1 _PS-detail5 _PS-detail2 _PS-detail4 _PS-detail3

PHASE 1 is now complete.  Be sure to tune in tomorrow and check out PHASE 2 because there is a LOT more coming from the Poster Posse for “Guardians of the Galaxy.”  Follow the Poster Posse on FACEBOOK to get updates on Posse related projects and collaborations.  See you tomorrow…..


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74 Responses to Exclusive: PHASE 1 Of Poster Posse Project #9 Goes To The Stars With Our Tribute To The Marvel/James Gunn Blockbuster: “Guardians Of The Galaxy”

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  4. GiGi says:

    Reblogged this on We Geek Girls and commented:
    Stop what you’re doing and check out these AMAZING posters by Poster Posse! Take your time to appreciate each poster.


  5. Awesome stuff! One of the best PPP so far, looking forward to phase 2!


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  7. The star wars poster just give me chills. So does the Kaz Oomori regular and variant. I hope one of this poster make it as an official poster.


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  45. NeoDandy says:

    Really great. Can we buy a replica for Matt Ferguson’s design ?! (I see that the design is released with a Tee Shirt !! :D)


    • blurppy says:

      Unfortunatley no. That was just a template we used to show what it COULD look like on a tee shirt. This would be impossible to get licensed given the Star Wars tie in.


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  51. Phil Watkins says:

    How do I get a print if the “Jedi” themed poster!? I will pay for a single print or more if I have to. Please. My email attached is not a typo 1243 are the numbers. Hope to hear some feedback. Thanks for your time.
    -Phil Watkins


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  53. Zurisadai Ramos says:

    Wow these are all amazing. If some of these were on sale I would buy a few to put in my room and theater room!


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