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Blurppy’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide….The Star Wars Edition

If you are a fan of Star Wars then you jumped up and down with joy when you heard that Disney was buying the franchise from George Lucas.  It gave hope to all fans around the world that we would … Continue reading

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Strange Kids Club & Horror Decor Launch Petrifying Pillow Collection: “Cuddle Creeps”

Growing up, what was your signature, go-to move when you heard a scary sound in the middle of the night?  Well, if you are like us you’d pull the covers up over your head and feel totally protected from the … Continue reading

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Take Star Wars BB-8 Everywhere You Go With This Adorable Backpack

It’s pretty obvious that BB-8 is easily going to be one of the most beloved new members of the Star Wars Universe when “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” blasts into theaters this December.  The other day we shared a sensational … Continue reading

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Microsoft & IGN Have Some AWESOME XboxOne Goodies To Give Away At PAX Prime This Year

PAX is like Valhalla on crack for gamers.  It’s the largest gaming event in North America and is a glorious four days of concerts, panels, cosplay, reveals and as you can imagine, incredible schwag.  This year Microsoft and IGN are … Continue reading

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Uprite Ergo’s Sit2Stand Workstation Campaign Will Change The Way You Work….In A Good Way

If you are like us and sit at your desk for more than 8 hours a day, every day, then this Kickstarter project from Uprite Ergo is one that you should look into. Less than 50 years ago, most Americans … Continue reading

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Go Back To School With This AWESOME Captain America Backpack & Be The Envy Of All Your Friends

Look as cool as the first Avenger with this fantastic new backpack from Marvel. Sorry kids but summer is winding down.  Yep, before you know it you will be scuffling off to school, homework, peer pressure, mediocre lunches, and playground … Continue reading

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