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JBL Gives Your Laptop And Mobile Devices A Stylish Sound Boost With Their Portable “Pebbles Speakers”

“It’s  Small …. It’s  Simple … It  Rocks!“ JBL knows that you are on the go and that your laptop is your portable lifeline to work and friends.  Given that, why should you be relegated to sub par sound?  Well … Continue reading

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The Mobee “Magic Cable” Is The Last Lightning To USB Cable You Will Ever Need

Mobee Technology has been around for 4 years now and they specialize in not only optimizing your digital experience but providing a sound alternative for our overall environment as well.  Their products are made from recyclable materials which benefits everyone … Continue reading

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Fringe Focus Gives Us An Anti Spy Device That’s Infinitely Better Than ANYTHING We Got From The Backs Of Comic Books When We Were Growing Up

Remember reading comics as a kid and then in the middle or back of the book there were adds where you could buy sea horses, x-ray specs, or even get a book by Charles Atlas that stated, “Let me PROVE … Continue reading

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Turn Your Bathroom Into An Art Gallery With Custom Shower Curtains From Society 6

Hey, as a collector it’s hard to find wall space for all your prints.  Sure you can shuffle them around, dig stuff out of your flat file etc.. etc… but one place where most collectors WON’T place any of their … Continue reading

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Star Wars Mood Lights Use ‘The Force’ To Illuminate Your Cantina

Ok, so maaaaaaaybe they don’t utilize “the force” but these mood lights ARE pretty cool even if they use good ole batteries.  (Cables are SOOOOOO 1982 right?)  I know a certain artist with the initials of J.B. that will most likely … Continue reading

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Meze 11 Deco Earphones Sound As Great As They Look

Meze is a luxury lifestyle audio brand that delivers sensational looking and sounding  headphones and earphones. (Come on people, the term “earbud” is so 2004!)  By combining high-end technology and style with quality materials and good craftsmanship they have come … Continue reading

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