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Get Ready For A MASSIVE Update From Mojang For Minecraft-Pocket Edition On JULY 10th!

If you are like me, your kid is bugging you around the clock, “When is Minecraft coming to Xbox ONE?” and even though you tell him “AUGUST ASHER, BE PATIENT, ASKING 5 TIMES A DAY DOESN’T MAKE IT HAPPEN ANY … Continue reading

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Marvel’s New App “Marvel Run, Jump, Smash!” Pits Everyone Against Loki In A Fun Superhero Runner

Wanna make Loki pay for what he did to Agent Coulson in “The Avengers.”  Well your gonna have to catch him first and that is easier said than done.  In Marvel’s new app, “Marvel Run, Jump, Smash!” you can be … Continue reading

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Sandboxr Let’s “Ender’s Game” Fans Enjoy The Sci-Fi Action Movie Like Never Before

Ender’s Game is about to explode onto screens at a theater near you and the folks at Sandboxr are giving fans a way to get into the action.  Sandboxr is a 3D print and software development company who is making … Continue reading

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Rovio Gives The Angry Birds Vehicles Of Mass Destruction With Their Upcoming Game: “Angry Birds GO!”

I”ll admit it, I ain’t ashamed!  I own all the Angry Birds games and I love them all!  (Ok, I’m not TOO hyped on Bad Piggies but….it is on my iPad.)  Well after the massive success of their latest Angry … Continue reading

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It’s Halloween and that means Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas is permanently lodged in my Blu-ray player.  It would probably raise concern with folks if they truly knew just how many times my son and I will watch this classic … Continue reading

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Marvel Launches An All-New 13-Part Weekly Infinite Comic Series: “Wolverine – Japan’s Most Wanted”

Logan’s back and just before his movie slashes it’s way into theaters Marvel gives you an all new tale of everyone’s favorite mutant. He’s the best there is at what he does, and today, July 9th, Wolverine kicks off an … Continue reading

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