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Marvel Gives Fans A Must-Have King-Size Kirby Collection!

He’s the King of Comics. A man who left an indelible mark upon the medium, using his peerless imagination to create some of the greatest stories and characters ever told. In 2015, celebrate Jack “King” Kirby’s incredible contribution to comic … Continue reading

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“Dead Harvest: A Collection Of Dark Tales (Vol.1) ” Is The Perfect Gift For Horror Fans This Holiday Season

Surely there is SOMONE on your holiday list that is a huge fan of horror right?  Well Scarlet Galleon Publications has put together a horror anthology that will make the perfect gift.  With 690 pages and 50 stories from some of … Continue reading

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Blurppy’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Best Book Part Deux!

Well, well, well… looks like we are not the only ones who love books.  (That’s refreshing!) Last week we posted part 1 of our best books holiday gift guide and folks really seemed to like it.  That’s great because we … Continue reading

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iam8bit Is Your Best Friend This Cyber Monday

…actually, they can be your best friend TODAY, 11/29, which means you don’t even HAVE to wait until Cyber Monday.  To make your holiday shopping easier than ever, iam8bit has decided to give you 20% off EVERYTHING in their stash!  Yep, … Continue reading

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Blurppy’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Part 1 – Best Books!

I know, I know, there is a whole generation that is growing up right now that reads everything digitally, whether it’s on their tablets, phones, or device of choice.  Me, I’m old school and I LOVE books.  There is an … Continue reading

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IDW Takes Us Back In Time With: “Superman: Golden Age Sundays Volume 2, 1946-1949″

Before the internet, before cable and DVR’s, before cell phones and social media people would read something called a “newspaper” to get information about their local and world news and events. On every Sunday, within those paper pages, there was … Continue reading

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