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What If The Game Of Thrones Castles Were Up For Sale?

So the season 4 premier of HBO’s  Game Of Thrones is mere days away.  Alliances have been formed and fans want in on the action.  Well what if the Castles from the series were actually up for sale?  Take a … Continue reading

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2013 in review: A Blurppy Breakdown – Who and What You Liked Best!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for Blurppy.  Given that 2013 is practically a wrap at this point we wanted to share this info with you, our fans.  Thanks for stopping by BLURPPY in 2013 and … Continue reading

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Sandboxr Let’s “Ender’s Game” Fans Enjoy The Sci-Fi Action Movie Like Never Before

Ender’s Game is about to explode onto screens at a theater near you and the folks at Sandboxr are giving fans a way to get into the action.  Sandboxr is a 3D print and software development company who is making … Continue reading

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GIve Your Kid A Book…Give Them Infinite Possibilities

Hey, we all love video games and movies but if you have kids you know the importance of getting them reading at an early age.  There is a plethora of fantastic reads for kids and this infographic can help you … Continue reading

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The Psychology Of AMC’s Breaking Bad

  Fans of the hit AMC series Breaking Bad need to look a little closer when they watch their favorite show.  Are you aware of the psychology that is used for use of color, patterns, placement of furniture and accessories? … Continue reading

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The Price Of Being Super, Then & Now!

Whether you are an orphaned billionaire, a mutant with incredible healing powers, able to climb up walls, an indestructible alien from a destroyed planet or just big and green and like to smash stuff life can be tough. Not only … Continue reading

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