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Nick Derington Launches A ‘Boss’ Kickstarter Campaign

Video game fans all have their evil nemeses…the BOSSES!  JUST when you think you are about to complete the level or the game, the Boss comes in, wears down your defenses, attacks and BAM! you are right back where you … Continue reading

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Introducing ZANO: The Autonomous, Intelligent, Swarming Nano Drone

The Holidays have come and gone and we are having a BLAST with our son’s Sky Viper Quadcopter.  Now this unit is for fun but if you want something that is uber-functional then there is a Kickstarter campaign going on … Continue reading

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Help Kickstart “Poster Spy” A New Website Promoting Alternative Movie Poster Artists

Let’s face it, there is a TON of amazing artists doing incredible work out there in the world of alternative movie posters.  Poster Spy is a new site that wants to highlight artists and expose their creations to the world.  Here … Continue reading

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Dacosta’s Kickstarter Campaign: “March Of The Robots” Would Make Gort Proud

Dacosta Bayley is a self taught designer/ illustrator living in BEAUTIFUL Vancouver, Canada and he has an obsession with robots.  All shapes and sizes, it matters not.  If they are metal, and do fantastic things, he loves them.  He is … Continue reading

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“The Cape Creator: A Tribute To Bat-Maker Bill Finger” Is A Kickstarter Campaign Worth Backing

This year marks the 75th anniversary of one of comics most beloved heroes, Batman.  I’d venture to guess that you know about Bruce Wayne’s tragic beginnings, the nefarious villains he fights as well as the city he has sworn to protect.  … Continue reading

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Help Strange Kids Club Crush Their Kickstarter Goals And Launch Issue #4 Of “Strange Kid Comics Magazine”

Strange Kids Club has been sharing odd, nerdy, geeky, awesome stuff since 2009.  Now they have a new campaign over on Kickstarter to help launch issue #4 of their Strange Kid Comics Magazine and you really should go give them … Continue reading

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