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Insight Editions Gives You 2 New Marvel Books To Help You Make The RIGHT Choices In Life

Insight Editions wants to make your lives easier.  Life is tough and sometimes making the right decisions can be daunting.  Well, what if you could get advice and ‘insight‘ from a Superhero?  “The World According To Wolverine” and “The World … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE!: The Poster Posse Ventures Into Uncharted Territory With PHASE 4 Of Our 75th Anniversary Tribute To Batman

When we say “uncharted territory” we are referencing the fact that we have NEVER done a project of this magnitude.  A 4th phase….are we crazy?  NOPE!  We have a TON of amazing art to share with you today. For today’s … Continue reading

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Get Your First Look At Superman From Zach Snyder’s Upcoming, ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

Yep, he pretty much looks the same but just KNOWING that Batman and Superman will be sharing the screen together with Zach Snyder behind the camera has us all geeked out! Unfortunately for us, the movie doesn’t hit theaters until … Continue reading

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Khoa Ho Turns In A Fan-Tastic Print For “Batman: The Animated Series”

Being that it is Batman’s 75th Anniversary there seem to be tribute projects coming out of the woodwork.  Since he is our favorite DC character, we are completely fine with the non-stop cavalcade of art and projects coming out to … Continue reading

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Check Out The Special “Marvel 75th Anniversary Magazine” Featuring Variant Covers By Alex Ross

The biggest characters, the best stories, and the most iconic moments. Celebrate over seven decades of Marvel myth-making with September’s commemorative MARVEL 75TH ANNIVERSARY MAGAZINE, a fitting tribute to the storied history of the House of Ideas! Featuring a look … Continue reading

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Watch The First Trailer & Check Out The First Poster For Marvel/ Disney’s Animated Superhero Flick: “Big Hero 6″

Marvel and Disney have just released the first trailer for their animated superhero film, “Big Hero 6.”  Some of you may be saying, “HUH?”  Well get in line because it’s based off a Marvel comic from the 90’s.  (Here is … Continue reading

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