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Oto Cycles Are The Vintage Styled Electric Bike You Have Been Looking For

More and more these days I’m seeing people of all ages cruising around on electric bikes.  Well a company out of Barcelona, Spain has given this new trendy breed of transportation a make over and the end result is severely … Continue reading

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Watch The New Land Rover Add Featuring Yours Truly As Well As Some Of My Friends

I was recently approached by Land Rover to participate in an artistic commercial that they were getting ready to launch.  I agreed but only if I could bring along 3 friends.  They agreed so I asked my buddies Sal (from … Continue reading

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It’s Spock VS Spock In This “Fascinating” Audi Commercial

Audi is once again partnering with a formidable ally.  First they joined forces with Tony Stark for Iron Man 3 and now, they are working with 2 of the smartest and most logical individuals in the Universe, Spock… and Spock.  … Continue reading

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Toyota Introduces A New Electric Vehicle Called The “i-Road” Personal Mobility Vehicle

Earlier this month, at the Geneva Motor Show, Toyota displayed their latest electric vehicle, the i-Road.  (I don’t know about you but I am OVER every new product beginning with an i.  The i-Toaster, the i-whoopie cushion, the i-Pad.  Wait, … Continue reading

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Watch This Cool VW Camper Video From 1974

VW bugs have been around forever but due to their diminutive size they are limited as to what they can be used for.  Well 1974 called and said, “What you talking about?”  Watch as a VW bug becomes a campers … Continue reading

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I Want To ….

…own more Jock… …find the words to describe just how cute these two are but they elude me… …be able to play this set like him… …remind you, it’s all how you spin it… …have some quality ‘alone time’… …ride … Continue reading

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