Warner Brothers Announces A SLEW Of Must-See DC Films Through 2020


Well, apparently DC and Warner Bros. are set to bludgeon us with every movie we’ve ever wanted from the DC Universe, and to be honest, like you, we can’t wait!  Today, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsuijihara announced  Here is the line up as we know today:


2018 – THE FLASH
2018 – AQUAMAN

2019 – SHAZAM
2020 – CYBORG

Go ahead, soak it alllllllll in.  That’s 10, count them….1o movies staring a TON of key people in the DC Universe. This is a pretty beefy lineup to say the least and they have already locked up talent to make some of these happen.  Here is THAT line up:

David Ayer – Directing Suicide Squad


Gal Godot – Returning as the lead role in Wonder Woman

Zack Snyder – Directing Part 1 and Part 2 of the Justice League films

Ezra Miller – Staring in the lead role of The Flash

Jason Momoa – Staring in the lead role of Aquaman

Dwayne Johnson – Staring as Black Adam  in Shazam


Ray Fisher – Staring in the lead role of Cyborg (He shall first be seen in Batman V Superman)

We’d say this was pretty ambitious AND pretty amazing all at once.  Stay tuned and we will share more as they announce it.

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Image Comics Goes Back To The 80’s Punk Scene With “PunkRockPaperScissors”

Before he was one of the comics industry’s top colorists, Lee Loughridge (DEADLY CLASS, The Batman Adventures) was a kid in the 1980s punk rock and hardcore scene, soaking in its unfiltered creative energy and DIY ethos — and collecting the flyers that promoted the shows. Now, many of those flyers have been collected into a book, coming from Image Comics in November: PUNKROCKPAPERSCISSORS, a one-of-a-kind tribute to the punk scene that archives over 600 show flyers from Northeastern U.S. clubs such as the legendary CBGB, City Gardens, The Showplace, The Pipeline, The Pyramid, Wally’s Place, The Ritz, and more.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 10.26.04 PM


Reproduced in this 240-page, oversized book are flyers for some of punk rock’s most influential important bands, including Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Agnostic Front, AOD, Fear, GBH, Murphy’s Law, Warzone, Kraut, and hundreds more. Also featured is a section dedicated to Black Flag and an “All Danzig” section, focusing on Samhain, The Misfits, and Danzig.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 10.27.15 PM

“I collected punk and hardcore flyers incessantly throughout the 1980s,” said Loughridge. “I got them at punk shows, at school, off of telephone poles, walls, and elders from the scene. For some reason I kept every last one of them.”

Adding to the collection were Loughridge’s friends Danny Sternaimolo, Art Ottimo, Joe Rosso and Dave Schwartzman, who contributed the flyers they collected.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 10.27.54 PM

“The bands and the art associated with these flyers completely shaped who I am today. From creating my own art and music, to never letting go of the punk rock ethics from those days — sometimes to a fault!” Loughridge added with a laugh. “This is from the scene for the scene.”

Raw and rough, reproduced in scratchy black-and-white on photocopiers and plastered on walls and windows, these hand-made advertisements represent the raucous world of punk hardcore in the 1980s. And now for the first time, with PUNKROCKPAPERSCISSORS, they’re being archived as an important record of an indelible creative movement.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 10.28.32 PM

PUNKROCKPAPERSCISSORS will be in comic book stores on November 5 and bookstores on November 18. CLICK HERE to pre-order now.

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Exclusive! FAMP Art and Chris Weston Deliver A Perfect October Print: “Trollhunter”

YES!  We are knee deep into October and the horror prints are dropping like the leaves in a sleepy New England town.  Piles and piles of grotesque, alarming, gory, disturbing images are turning up and today we get to give you an exclusive look at a sensational new print by the phenomenal U.K. artist Chris Weston for the folks over at FAMP Art.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 12.02.02 AMBased in New York, FAMP Art is a company that specializes in creating officially licensed, limited edition screen printed posters of foreign films, pre-1980s classics and a few random goodies here and there of things we simply love.

A business years in the making, FAMP Art was founded to bridge the gap between pop culture art and art-house cinema, focusing on films that don’t get much love in the art world but are praised in the world of cinema (and that we ourselves are passionate about). Our goal is to fuse two different worlds through the glory of awesome and beautiful art prints.

We spoke to Chris Weston about the project, his background and Doctor Strange, here is what he had to say.

BLURPPY – Give us a little insight to your background.

Dredd Painting

I’m a British comic book veteran who has been working professionally for over a quarter of a century now. I am old. I started out working for 2000ad drawing Judge Dredd and Indigo Prime, but quickly got absorbed into the american comic book industry drawing books like Batman, Swamp Thing, Enemy Ace and The Fantastic Four.


I’m probably best known for two creator-owned series: “The Filth” and “Ministry of Space”. More recently I’ve made the jump over to the film industry, working closely with Albert Hughes on “The Book of Eli” and the aborted live-action version of “Akira”. We’ve just started work on a new movie project, but I’m not allowed to talk about that yet.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 11.18.17 AM

BLURPPY – AHHHHHH… so bummed that the live action Akira was aborted!  That being said, we are NOW intrigued about the thing you CAN’T talk about. Guess we shall have to stay tuned. We really like “Trollhunter,” what drew you to this project?

CHRIS – I love Troll Hunter. I like horror films and dry humour and this film is the perfect combination of both those elements. I like it when absurd ideas are treated with a totally straight face. Otto Jesperson’s performance is great; I’d love to see him act in something else.

Flash Gordon Painting

Flash Gordon private commission

BLURPPY – Otto needs another shot at something else. Where there any unseen challenges with this one compared to your past projects?

CHRIS – Drawing the foliage. So… much… foliage. I already have a hopelessly over- detailed style, so rendering all the leaves, twigs, bushes and branches is a recipe for long hours at the drawing board. I hope they paid off.

BLURPPY – TREES!  The bane of many an artist! Yes, after seeing the prints, your hours of toiling at the drawing board absolutely paid off.  Besides “Trollhunter”, what would be your dream project/ property to work on?

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 11.35.10 AM

Fantastic Four by Chris Weston

CHRIS – I’d like to do some of the lesser known films and steer clear of all the same old movies that we’ve seen thousands of posters for. Everyone and their grandma seems to have drawn a Star Wars , Blade Runner or Alien poster…. I’d rather do something like “Zardoz” .


BLURPPY – Very left of center choice, much like Sean Connery’s outfit in this one. I’d LOVE to get his honest feedback about filming that movie.  HE has to cringe when he sees that outfit right?  We LOVE your Dan Dare Toy design, please tell us you have some others up your sleeves in 2015?

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 1.28.33 PM

CHRIS – No, that was a one-off. But thanks for the kind words.

BLURPPY – Well even though you SAY it is one and done, we are still keeping our fingers crossed.  We saw an insane Doctor Strange commission on your site with what looks like the very first EVIL UNICORN we’ve ever seen, who would YOU like to see play Doctor Strange in the upcoming Marvel film?

Doctor StrangeCommission

Chris Weston private commission

CHRIS – No hesitation: Oded Fehr. There’s something very enigmatic or exotic about him that would perfectly suit The Sorcerer Supreme.


Oded Fehr

BLURPPY – Brilliant!  He was really good in The Mummy and we hadn’t thought of him yet.  He is now OUR #1 choice too!  We love food and we are curious, what’s your favorite snack

CHRIS – McVities Digestive Biscuits. Though they have tweaked the formula recently and they aren’t as good as they used to be.


Hmmmm… we didn’t see THAT snack coming.  (Let’s be honest, Junior Mints are where it’s at, everything else pales in comparison.) Here is what FAMP had to say about Chis’ AWESOME “Trollhunter” prints.

To honor the change of seasons and the horror element associated with the month of October, FAMP Art is thrilled to announce their new print release for André Øvredal’s awesome comedic, fantasy horror flick “Trollhunter” (aka Trolljegeren).  To help bring this film to life in the screen printed poster world, FAMP Art teamed up with UK illustrator Chris Weston and together have delivered a work of art that truly encapsulates what a movie poster should be for this film.

Click the link below to see both versions of this fantastic print by Chris Weston for FAMP Art.

CLICK HERE to see 2 outstanding versions of Chris Weston’s TROLLHUNTER print for FAMP Art

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New Flesh Announces Their 3rd Anniversary Tube Sale And We Can’t WAIT!

What comes in a cylinder and always puts a smile on your face?  PRINTS! The more the better and that is JUST what is going on with New Flesh starting on Wednesday, October 15th.  As a thank you to fans, New Flesh will launch their third anniversary tube sale filled with tons of awesome.  There are some GREAT prints going out in these, check out their announcement below.


On sale at noon on Wednesday, October 15 – 17 (or until they sell out) ~$50
Each tube will include:
– three 18”x24” posters
– two smaller prints “11×14” or 12”x12” etc., including one of two that was made specifically   for this sale.
– stickers

This tube sale has been 4 years in the making. We have prints starting with our first release and almost everything going all the way though 2013. There are over 40 unique prints to pull from including Regulars and Variants.


Also, included in the sale will be “Test Prints” that were the “1st” prints of about 15 different posters. These print were the working prints that have notes on them and are literally the first impressions made of each layer in the run. These are early NF posters circa The Birds.

There will also be a some special prints randomly inserted into the tubes.
Included in these prints are:
– Watch this. Watch what? on pearl paper. Only 2 printed.
– Pacific Rim regular on pearl paper. From run of 15.
– Amittyville Horror variant. From A/P run of 5.
– All in the Game (The Wire) “test print” Regular inks on Variant paper. 1 of 1.
and yes. . .
– Prometheus Test Print. (has different black ink than final run.) Only 3 printed, this may be the last survivor.

Finally, we want you to be really pleased with what prints you get. That being said if you list your top five prints (or more) that you are looking for in the Paypal notes, we will do our best to get 3 of those in your tube. If you just want to be surprised, no note needed. Remember these are based on what we have and will dole out the prints flat file sale style.


Basically, if you say you want “Building Better Worlds” as your top pick and we still have it, it will go in your tube. If we don’t we move to the next one on your list and so on. Once you have a print, we move on to the next order. I am not sure how many top picks this will get everyone but, the sooner you order, the better the odds. It is worth mentioning that this does not apply to the “special prints” listed. Those are going to be picked completely randomly. 

*If you don’t want “test prints” you can list that in the notes as well. These do have notes and some have stray or uneven ink. They are unique one-of-kind record of the printing and I want these to go to people who want them.

So let me get this straight, you can give them a heads up as to the ones you REALLY want and they are going to get you at least 3 of the 5!?  THESE are not going to last through Wednesday so be SURE to jump on board as SOON as they open this up to the public.  My HEAD is spinning!  What would I get?  SO much awesome to consider….I’ve gotta go, I have some research / homework to do!  That Prometheus test print is pretty freakin’ sweet but I have wanted that IRON MAN print FOREVER!  (I know, I know, they don’t have that Iron Man print anymore….it’s on my ISO list.)

Follow New Flesh on TWITTER and be sure to head over to their OFFICIAL WEBSITE for this amazing sale.  Good luck to all!

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The Poster Posse Embraces “The Walking Dead” With Officially Licensed Prints At Hero Complex Gallery

Does it get ANY better?  It’s October and AMC‘s mega-hit series, “The Walking Dead”, has just stared up season 5!  What better way to celebrate than to put some really creepy, cool, collectible zombie art up on your walls.  That is JUST what The Poster Posse and Hero Complex Gallery have in mind for you with a plethora of officially licensed prints based off the show.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 1.17.51 PM

Here are a few of the gems that are available to give your home or office that post-apocalyptic, zombie feel.  Use the links below the image to purchase and head on over to the Poster Posse’s OFFICIAL WEBSITE to see a lot more unsettling images of the undead.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 1.06.13 PM

“You’ve got to play the hand you’re dealt.  I’ve only got one” by Joe Vetoe

Limited Edition of 40
Approx. 12″ x 18″


Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 12.56.09 PM

“What Lies Ahead” by Adam Rabalais

Limited Edition AP of 15 
Approx. 9″ x 24″


Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 12.44.02 PM

“Walking Dead POV” by Paul ShipperGiclee

Approx. 18″ x 24″
Limited Edition of 300


Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 1.00.26 PM

“WWDDD” by Florey

Screen Print
Limited Edition of 50
Approx. 18″ x 24″


Be sure to head over to the Poster Posse’s OFFICIAL WEBSITE to see more officially licensed prints for “The Walking Dead.”


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CCP Games & Dark Horse Comics Enlist Brian Wood For “EVE: Valkyrie”

As announced on Dark Horse’s “Powered By Creators” panel at New York Comic Con, Brian Wood will be penning a brand-new miniseries based on EVE: Valkyrie, the critically acclaimed video game in development by CCP Games


With art by Eduardo Francisco, this tale will tell the origin story of pilot Rán and the rise of the Valkyrie.

In development at CCP’s Newcastle studio, EVE: Valkyrie is a multiplayer dogfighting shooter set in the ‘EVEuniverse’ that uses virtual reality to give players the sense of being real pilots in EVE Online spaceships. It is based on the EVE-VR tech demo that won several major awards at E3 2013.  in the video game, Rán is voiced by the critically acclaimed actress Katee Sackhoff.

CCP Games, a leading independent developer of massively multiplayer games and creators of EVE Online, has partnered with Dark Horse Comics to deliver amazing books as epic as the online universe from which they are spawned: EVE: True Stories, EVE: Source, and EVE Universe: The Art of New Eden.


video game screen shot

EVE Online (PC/Mac) is a captivating science-fiction game in which hundreds of thousands of players compete for riches, power, glory, and adventure in a single universe.

Eve: Valkyrie #1 is on sale June 3, 2015. CLICK HERE to reorder your copy today!

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