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Artist Brian Taylor, AKA “Candykiller” Releases A Phenomenal “Blade Runner” Print And Announces Future Ridley Scott Releases

Hailing from Dundee, Scotland, artist “Candykiller“/ Brian Taylor, has just released an incredible “Blade Runner” print.  Done in a montage style, the likenesses, color palette and overall tone of the piece absolutely make it one of my top “Blade Runner” … Continue reading

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Travel Back In Time With “Beautiful Colors,” A Unique, Unprecedented Look At One Of Rock’s Most Influential Groups, Duran Duran

I think it’s safe to say that we are all passionate about SOMETHING. Some of us are passionate about books while others are passionate about movies and others find passion in their appreciation surfing on a balmy summer’s day.  Well … Continue reading

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“12 Years A Slave” Gets The Royal Print Treatment By Artists Doaly And Ben Mcleod

Steve McQueen’s powerful film, “Twelve Years A Slave” was nominated for 9 Academy Awards and won for Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress and Best Adapted Screenplay.  Poster Posse members Doaly and Ben Mcleod have each done a print for the … Continue reading

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Poster Posse Artists Dan Shearn & Robert Bruno Turn In Some Impressive “Game Of Thrones” Art To Match The Impressive Numbers From The Season 4 Premier

It seems as if EVERYONE was waiting for Season four of HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” to start and the numbers from last evenings premier were impressive to say the least. Art has been washing over the internet for the event … Continue reading

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Mondo, Matt Taylor & Kevin Dart Take Us Boldly Where No Man Has Gone Before…..

Ok, so MAYBE we have ventured there in the past but THESE prints by Matt Taylor and Kevin Dart are all new.  For the past 48 years Star Trek has been a pop culture stable amongst fans and critics alike.  … Continue reading

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Watch The New TV Spot For Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

(Image by Paul Shipper) EVERYTHING I have seen for this movie, so far, has me counting the days until it comes out and the new TV Spot is no exception.  The big “get” for me in this one is the … Continue reading

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