GK2G: A Formula One-Inspired FOLDABLE Go-Kart that goes 60 mph!

It’s SO true, kid’s nowadays have a lot of perks.  When I was growing up we had Big Wheels.  3 plastic wheels, no brakes or seatbelts but UNLIMITED fun. We were drifting before it was cool.  Scraped knees and hands were all part of the game back then. I saw this today and thought, “If I had this when I was a kid I could have taken over South Portland!

The GK2G is an F1-inspired go-kart concept with true mobility in mind, all powered by a true electric engine and DEFINITELY not for kids. While most go-karts require a pick-up truck or trailer to haul it around, Reid’s newest design allows the GK2G’s chassis — made almost entirely from carbon fiber — to fold neatly and be transported in almost every
mid-size car.

Bonus: The GK2G is powered by a high power electric motor fed by lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, the go-kart not only gives the thrill seeker an environmentally friendly option, but also one that’s lightweight and extremely mobile to boot. The GK2G measures just 30″ x 30″ x 15″ with an expected overall weight of under 65 lbs (30 kgs), making it an incredibly handy option. The only catch? You have to remove the steering wheel and rims off first, making that folding action more complicated than your average bicycle. Now you got no excuse not to hit the track, even if you drive a Prius…


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5 Responses to GK2G: A Formula One-Inspired FOLDABLE Go-Kart that goes 60 mph!

  1. Joey says:

    Where do I get one just like these ones?


  2. Joey says:

    Where do I get one just like the go karts on this website that are formula 1 inspired?


  3. abc def says:



  4. john flores says:

    really amazing but it looks like a normal go kart but diffrent style and much much faster i beleive a kid from age 15 and up can ride it but they well need lots of expirence to ride one which i have rode a go kart since i was 10


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