Amazing Tree Houses From Around Tha World

Free Spirit Spheres

Come on!  Growing up tree houses were IT!  EVERY kid wanted one and those that had them were the envy of everyone who DIDN’T.  Living in the trees must be some throwback in our DNA to primal times.  Living above the dangers below, having the ability to see in all directions and most important, a place to hide your Dad’s “magazines”.  Nowadays, tree houses are still coveted and here are a bunch of extremely cool ones from around the globe.

Built by famous treehouse designer Takashi Kobayash of driftwood gathered from a nearby beach for a Nescafé television commercial, this lovely structure is nestled on Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido.

A stunning treehouse from German firm Baumraum.

Temple of the Blue Moon by Peter Nelson Designs  Treehouse Workshop,INC

To see more creations like these click HERE or try HERE.


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