Authentic MLB Lawn Stencils

Ahhh…baseball….  America’s game.  A pastime beloved by many.  The crack of the bat, the close play at home plate, the vendors selling hot dogs and peanuts in the stands.  It all evokes vivid memories and brings a smile to faces all over the planet.  Now you can take your fandom to a whole new level with these officially licensed MLB Lawn Logo Stencils ($80)  Each reusable stencil creates a 52″ tall logo that remains visible until your next mow. (This may be a good way to tell the wife, “I can’t mow the lawn this weekend, we have a big game.  I don’t wanna mess up the logo.“)  Three 20oz bottles of inverted tip, water based Turf Paint are included with each stencil, which are good for 2 to 4 applications.  Since they are the best of the best, you can only order the Red Sox logo pictured above.  There are no plans to make ANY New York stencils and if you put one in your yard, I will go buy a dog and have him come over and pee on it.

(Sorry, rabid East Coast Red Sox fan here.  I may have gotten a lil carried away there with the dog comment.  I would NEVER do that but when you go to work, I may go mow your yard and put a lovely Red Sox logo to replace the Yankees one you had on there to begin with.)


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