Amazing Long-Exposure Photography

Here at blurppy we LOVE photography.  Travel, bizarre, inspirational, whatever, if it’s captivating, we are all in.  Here are some incredible examples of long-exposure pics.  I only wish I had the skills or the patience to do these.  Take a look and see what you think.

Casa Loma by Paul Bica

The combination of infrared photography and a long expsure turned Toronto’s Casa Loma into an eerie sight in this daytime shot by Paul Bica.

Elakala Waterfalls Swirling Pool

Water is a common subject for long-exposure photos because leaving the shutter open for a few seconds or even a few minutes highlights the water’s movement, giving it a misty quality. This 30-second shot blurred the waterfall in the background and captured an interesting spinning effect in the foreground as debris made lazy circles in a pool.

Dune Blazers by Alisdair Miller

“This was shot just outside Dubai where people gather at the weekend and race up and down this massive dune named ‘Big Red’”, says photographer Alisdair Miller.

A Haunted Trail by Joshua Debner

The combination of clouds and stars moving across the sky, placed behind an abandoned home, make this photo by Joshua Debner extra-eerie. “This is around a 30 minute exposure stacked with 1 minute exposures. As you can see it was a little bit of a foggy/cloudy day, but I think it helped make the photo interesting.”

Niagara Falls by John Ryan

“I am always looking for ways to shoot something different,” says photographer John Ryan, who took this shot of Niagara Falls.  “I had seen so many shots of the falls from the same location, and all were pretty much the same. So going out at 2am, and catching the falls with no light, and pushing a 30sec exposure ending with the result.”

STATIC by Maxxsmart

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is nearly swallowed up by incoming fog in this incredible long exposure shot captured by Flickr user ‘maxxsmart’, who says, “Though I had a chance to see about 10 strikes throughout the bay, this is the only image I came away with that featured the bridge, fog, lightning, and the bright glow of the moon. There is no digital trickery here…. What you see is what it was. The long exposure enabled me to capture two strikes, and the moon lit the fog blanket perfectly.”

Kundalini Bonfire by Dennis Calvert

Incredibly surreal, this long exposure photograph by Dennis Calvert also features a technique known a ‘light painting‘, in which artificial light is moved around in the scene during the exposure. An electrical wire taped to a stick, plus a flashlight, achieved this effect – without the need for any digital trickery.



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