Madagascar’s Amazing Tsingy Limestone Forest

Looking like a scene straight right out of Lord Of The Rings, this limestone forest proves that fact is often stranger than fiction.  The Bemaraha National Park, situated in the west of Madagascar, has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990. And for good reason… within it lie 752 km of breathtaking scenery with this incredible stone forest known as the Tsingy Stone Forest of Madagascar.

These stone spires are razor sharp and tower about the trees making for a landscape to what you would imagine on a distant planet. From the Malagasy word “mitsingitsignia”, which means ‘to walk on tiptoe’, the term Tsingy has been accepted in common language to denote the exceptional topography. This topography of eroded limestone may exist in other areas around the world, but nowhere as tall, slender and extensive as the spires here.

Several species of lemurs inhabit this area including these Decken’s sifaka. The Tsingy region is a lemur hot spot: Beneath these rocky peaks, an extraordinary world of forest canyons, humid caves and burning karst karren is inhabited by fundamentally differing plants and animals who thrive in close proximity.

This rare breed pictured here is a Red Shirted Crazy Person.  They frequent the forest but are often only seen for a short period before they mysteriously disappear….


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