Mark Powell’s Incredible Ballpoint Pen Art On… Old Envelopes?”

Artist use many mediums and canvases to display their art and get their points across.  Everything from the side of  a building, elevator floors, to slicing and dicing up books to create amazing 3-d images, artists find a way to keep us guessing and saying “I wish I could do that.”

Well London-based artist Mark Powell will really tick you off.  He draws incredible portraits on the backs of envelopes using only a ballpoint pen. (These are INFINITELY better than the doodles I do during blurppy staff meetings.)  You can find many more examples of Mark’s original work on Flickr page.

Even though an envelope is an odd choice of canvas I would STILL frame his work for my office….



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One Response to Mark Powell’s Incredible Ballpoint Pen Art On… Old Envelopes?”

  1. Millie Ho says:

    You can tell he spends 4 hours doodling while other kids played sports or practiced instruments.


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