One Of A Kind – The 1955 Bisiluro Damolnar

Magnificent, futuristic, desirable, unique, are all words to describe the 1955 Bisiluro Damolnar.  The name “Bisiluro” is Italian for “twin torpedo” and it is easy to see that this is the perfect description.

The car was created in 1955 by Carlo Mollino and Enrico Nardi, their goal was to create an ultra-light, aerodynamic car to compete at Le Mans alongside the much larger and far better funded factory teams like Jaguar and Ferrari.

From a pure design perspective the Bisiluro Damolnar is an anomaly, it’s asymmetrical, has no passenger seat and has the engine mounted on the left hand side (to counter the weight of the driver, seated on the right). The total weight of the car is just 450kgs (992lbs) and it’s twin cam, 4 cylinder, 737 cc Gianni engine was said to produce 62hp.

Sadly during the race it was built for, the 1955 Le Mans, the Bisiluro was literally blown off the track by the vortex kicked up by a close-passing D-Type Jaguar and sustained too much damage to continue the race.

After having been repaired and restored, the car now lives at the prestigious Leonardo Da Vinci Museum in Milan, Italy.

Watch the video below to see it on display. If your up to date on your Italian, enjoy the video.



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