Art Deco Batman Posters By Rodolfo Reyes

We absolutely LOVE when we stumble upon a new artist with an impressive portfolio and Rodolforever Reyes is all of that an more.  R.R. was born in Mexico City where he was  “very shy and introverted“.  It wasn’t until college that he came out of his shell and he has been a successful graphic artist ever since.

He feels a deep connection to movies and superheroes.  His work features a strong art deco vibe and looks absolutely brilliant.

This series of posters focuses on the various stages of Batman throughout the movies.  The images are bold yet simple and really reflect the character and the movies extremely well.

These posters are a mere smattering of what R.R. has to offer.  Head over to his website HERE and check out the rest of his incredible portfolio.  Some of our favorites are Salem’s Lot, Inception and his take on Superman.


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9 Responses to Art Deco Batman Posters By Rodolfo Reyes

  1. Blue v Grey says:

    All very nice except The Dark Knight. Too much Miller influence, nothing particularly Deco or reflective of the film. Batman Returns looks the most truly period, and the 89 is probably the best in truly being bold and reflecting the nature of the film. Begins is the one I would buy as a print and frame alone. Gorgeous work there.


    • blurppy says:

      Personally, I LOVE the Miller influence. That series was incredible so the more Miller influence I can get, the better. Begins IS aweseome and I too would want it for my office.


  2. erin says:

    I love the ideas behind these posters, especially the “Batman Begins” poster–just wish there was a way to purchase them!


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  5. Ingrid anstee says:

    How do I purchase images?


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