Secret Store: Where Up and Coming Artists Go To Offer Limited/ Exclusive Clothing

Founded in 2010 and based in London, England Secret Store is about limited and exclusive clothing designed by new and up-coming artists, illustrators and creatives. Their goal is to provide their customers with a limited, hand printed and individually numbered t-shirt making each tee they send out slightly different and unique. Beyond this they want to promote the brilliant artists who produced the fantastic designs for their tees.

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They print on classic fit ethically produced cotton t-shirts sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Each of their prints is done by hand so every shirt differs slightly.  (To protect the print they recommend you wash their clothing inside out at 30C. The sizing of their shirts differs across their range so please check the sizing charts on the product pages.)

They have worked with a range of artist already like: Isobel Kho, Gareth Roberts, David Galletly, Mesh137, Keaton Henson, Trevor Nicholls, Ailish Sullivan and Tom Baxter.  In the beginning there was a lag between collections due to the fact that one of the founders, Chris Narey, was still finishing his degree.  That being said, he says that things have picked up considerably now that he is done with school and there should be new designs our every 2-3 months, if not quicker.

Recently we got a chance to speak with Chris and we asked him what his inspiration was.  “The inspiration behind the store came from standing in Topman and realizing that I didn’t want to buy any of their shirts. You only have to walk down the high street to see the same Topman shirt 5 times. I wanted something special which is why all our clothes are limited, to create that feeling that the shirt is yours rather than everyone’s. The other side of the store is promotion of artists. Being in a friend group which consists of a lot of creative people I know how hard it is to get work and often work that you do get goes uncredited. We wanted to provide a platform for people to get their name out there. If someone buys a design it is a pretty good indication that they are interested in the artists work, we just show them where to look for it. We hoped that artists would get more work through the site which has happened already so we are delighted.

When asked about a store front Chris said: “Currently everything is online through the site, we have had stalls at a few markets including Brick Lanes Sunday Up Market but for now we are as you say a bit more “secret”, just online.”

Click HERE to head over to their site and get yourself something unique and limited.  They ship worldwide and who doesn’t like getting stuff that no one else has!  If you are an artist that would like to work with them then you can click HERE and either Chris or someone else will be glad to get back to you.  Tell them BLURPPY sent you.


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