Jean Paul Gaultier’s Diet Coke Campaign And Limited Edition Bottles

Last month, in a surprising and bold move, Jean Paul Gaultier was appointed the role of Creative Director of Diet Coke.  Now we have images of the exclusive limited edition bottles designed by Gaultier himself, along with the ad campaign which was shot by Stéphane Sednaoui.  (For even more info, the Twitter hash tag is #DietCokeJPG.)

Jean Paul Gaultier has combined his unique signature style and his fun light-hearted attitude to create the must-have fashion accessory of 2012. The collection themed ‘Night & Day’, pays homage to Gaultier’s infamous designs.

The, ‘Night’ bottle has a sexy Rock Chick edge with a corset style reminiscent of Jean Paul Gaultier’s catwalk shows and iconic cone bra design. The provocative bottle is perfect for after dark – the lace and fishnet design highlights the female-like silhouette of the iconic bottle shape and adds a never-before-seen edginess to the Diet Coke limited edition collection.

The ‘Day’ bottle is inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier’s signature Breton stripes and captures his fun attitude. The iconic nautical-themed blue and white design showcases a stylish romantic everyday look. To complete the ensemble the shiny red bottle cap acts as a chic beret, and a star tattoo pays homage to Gaultier’s sailor muse.

The ‘Night & Day’ bottles are available across nine countries in Europe starting April 2012. To complete the collection, a third limited-edition bottle will be launched later in the year. The exclusive ‘Tattoo’ design is inspired by Gaultier’s love of body art. Complementing the ‘Night & Day’ bottles, the ‘Tattoo’ design will be a must for fashionistas – but you’ll have to wait until later in the year to complete the collection.

The Diet Coke Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Night & Day’ bottles will be available individually or via a chic collector’s box. The exclusive collector’s set includes both must-have ‘Night & Day’ bottle designs and a limited-edition Diet Coke glass featuring the iconic Jean Paul Gaultier blue and white stripes.

Jean Paul Gaultier establishes his role as Creative Director for Diet Coke by launching a striking new advertising campaign. To support the limited edition ‘Night & Day’ bottle collection, a TV commercial and outdoor advertising campaign will debut from April 2012 across Europe.

The designer has captured his unique sense of humour and fun-loving attitude to create a bold campaign for Diet Coke.

Using the ‘Night & Day’ theme, the campaign brings to life Gaultier’s renowned love of sailor stripes, corsets and unique tattoos, via the exclusive bottle designs. A close friend of Jean Paul Gaultier, the iconic photographer Stephane Sednaoui has translated the iconic bottle designs into a compilation of striking images that present the collection in a fun and humorous way.

To represent each of the three bottles, a female model is styled in an instantly recognisable Gaultier look, but they each have a fun and unique twist – the model’s faces are hidden behind images of Jean Paul Gaultier. Each humorous image shows the designer also dressed to encompass either the Night, Day or Tattoo bottle.

To top things off, a new 10-second TV campaign heroes the limited edition ‘Night & Day’ collection. The show-stopping bottles takes centre stage highlighting the individual designs. Echoing the recently launched ‘Serial Designer’ short film series, starring Jean Paul Gaultier, the bottles are revealed from behind a stage curtain in a glamorous and dramatized way.

On top of ALL of this JPG came up with a short film series starring himself and the Diet Coke puppets. Take a look and let us know what you think.




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5 Responses to Jean Paul Gaultier’s Diet Coke Campaign And Limited Edition Bottles

  1. mothcaterpillar says:

    I absolutely LOVE coke, but not diet though… 🙂


    • blurppy says:

      I’m more of a Pepsi guy but I love this bold new approach by the Coca Cola company. Very edgy and hopefully it will provoke more companies to think “outside the box”.


  2. fei says:

    anyone know where can i get the third bottle? the tattoo? email pls, thanks alot seriously.


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