Jetson Launches The E-Bike: The Future of the Eco Friendly Electric Bike

Jetson was started by two young guys from Brooklyn, New York with a vision to start an environmentally and socially conscious company that would add value to people and their communities. These childhood friends, who ended up going to the same college and working at the same electronics and technology company, decided to leave the rat race and follow their passions. The result is the launch of Jetson, the first eco-friendly electric bike for people of all ages.

Offering an extensive color pallet there is sure to be a favorite for everyone.  The Jetson E-Bike is the first affordable, eco-friendly, uber stylish electric bike.  Safer than a Vespa and without the need for a traditional license or registration, Jetson is a no hassle, environmentally friendly transportation choice for city or country life.

Jetson E-Bike meets a growing consumer desire to find safe, green transportation alternatives.  A trend that has steadily increased for both city and non-city residents, with the rapid rise of gasoline prices, continually clogged roadways, expensive taxi fares and consistently crowded and unkempt public subway lines.

Last year a record number of over 500,ooo bikes were sold in the US alone, a figure that has doubled withing the past 2 years.  The Jetson bike offers both the classic bike and pedal experience with the option of simply “going electric” when and where you want and need it to power up.  Take a cruise with a friend around town or zip to the market and back in a jiffy.  The Jetson E-Bike is easy and fun to ride.  It’s as simple as well…riding a bike.  Jetson comes with a rechargeable lithium Ion battery that allows you to simply remove and recharge for hours of unfettered riding fun.

With speed up to 20 MPH, a forty-mile range per charge and a 500w moter, LDC digital screen and heavy-duty brake system, Jetson is safe and legal for urban and non-urban biking.  As an added bonus, the bike can seat 2 people for a safe riding experience.


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14 Responses to Jetson Launches The E-Bike: The Future of the Eco Friendly Electric Bike

  1. Thanks for sharing this blog. Nice colors and great stylish eco-friendly bikes.


  2. Marvin8 says:

    Too bad the top speed is limited to only 20mph. That’s it’s Achilles heel. If there was a way to uncap that…….


    • blurppy says:

      Good point but I think they are targeting inner city travel in places like New York or LA where you never get going much faster than that. It IS limited but I thought it was a cool concept just the same.


      • Marvin8 says:

        I think it’s a FANTASTICALLY cool concept, and I just love it’s small size and BIG wheels. Big wheels are the key to safety on crappy, broken up streets. If only the bike would 30mph, it would be a no brainer for me. 20mph is just too slow for us here in Chicago. Cars would be honking non-stop if going that slow.


      • blurppy says:

        THAT would be a bit of a problem. Maybe they will squeak out 10 more MPH in the next version…


  3. blue.bsod says:

    The reason for the speed cap is so the bike can still be classified as a bike in almost all states and Canada as well. As such – no licensing or insurance is required for any vehicle with pedals and travels under 20MPH (32 KPH – also Canadian law specifies the vehicle must not have an output capacity over 500W otherwise it will be classified as a motorcycle/moped). And yes there is a way to remove the cap on the bike. Its simply a matter of by-passing the speed limiter.


  4. what kind of warranty and company support can you expect from this much does it weigh and is the pedaling comfortable like say a Pedego Electric bike???


  5. Keith Howarth says:

    Sorry to say this is just another Flykly-like overpriced, overhyped disposable toy. Same basic bike with a few external tweaks. And the 3-year warranty as useless here as the 1-or (depending on where and when you bought it…I got it from Urban Daddy) 2 year warranty was for the Flykly. Try contacting Flykly now….check out their dead website or call their disconnected 888 number…The marketing for both bikes is also very slick….don’t get suckered like I was!


  6. Brian S. says:

    Did anybody figure out, or does anybody know how to disable that 20mph limit on the speed of the Jetson bike?


  7. Marvin8 says:

    I’d also be curious to know it’s max speed once the limiter is disabled, as well as distance capability.


    • blurppy says:

      another good point…It may be better to just buy a motorcycle at this point. No limiter and fast…


      • Bob Mason says:

        Several problems with my bike. 1. My elderly father pluged the wire from the wall outlet stright into the charging outlet. Fried the wires. There should be diferent plugs going into the charger and the charging ouletso so no mistakes can be made.2 I checked the battery box,fuse still good so I opened the battery box to inspect the wires and batterys. The fuse is not even hooked up to anything.This should be fixed on future bikes. The batterys are still holding a charge,so they are still good.3 When the wires melted the circuit braker did not trip. It should have. 4 I think the controler is fried,and I am trying to find a replacement. There does not seem to be a parts supplier.where do I find parts to this thing.
        Looking for parts in N.C.


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