Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers, Teasers and Wishes…

Ok, if you are like me you are JONESING for Season 3 of The Walking Dead to start.  In fact, I’m not sure I can wait until October!  The season 2 finale was so incredible and left such great teases that it may be, ok, it IS, my most anticipated series return this fall.  I mean SERIOUSLY, the fact that The Governor and Michonne are finally going to become part of the show is MORE than enough for me.

Last Friday, Executive Producers and cast members all gathered for a panel at the TV Academy in Holllywood. Surprisingly they shared a TON of great info and here’s some of the teasers and spoilers for the upcoming season:

Hershel May Not Be Around Much Longer: Though the producers ultimately decided not to kill off Hershel in season 2, when asked about the trigger-happy character’s fate in season 3, All Mazarra would say is “we’ll see what happens”  – uh oooooooh Hershel, watch your back!

Who wants even Gorier Zombie Deaths?: Kirkman revealed he is testing AMC to see how disgusting they can make the zombie kills and that his goal is to “get to that point” of knowing the “limit” of gruesome violence.  The guys over at South Park have been pushing the limits for years now.  I say let Kirkman do whatever he wants.  That disclaimer at the beginning of each show is a “watcher beware” notice.  If you can’t watch it then switch the channel and the rest of us will enjoy it the way it was meant to be enjoyed.


Finally, T-Dogg Will Get More Screen Time: Mazzara acknowledged that the fan-favorite character has been underutilized (one of the biggest complaints from fans), and will most likely continue trending on Twitter in season 3 “in a good way.”  Personally I would much rather have way more Daryl Dixon.  THAT guy rocks.  Let a walker chomp on T-Dogg, there’s a full meal for at least 4 of them!

Get Ready For the New “Ricktatorship”: Always the accommodating nice guy, Rick was pushed past his edge last season when he was forced to kill his best friend Shane. Now with “the other side of the coin” gone (according to Yeun at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo), Rick has become an unpredictable, “slightly bonkers” ruler who has complete control of the group. He will even have Daryl by his side, whose character will alter “in a position of power,” according to Nicotero.  (YES!  Daryl is our favorite and we are glad to see him rise in the ranks.

A Tender Yet Zombie-Filled Premiere: Mazzara has just finished the script for the first episode of season 3, and he says it’s “dynamic and action-packed with tons of zombies, but also a lot of quieter moments and a lot heart.” Because the survivors have just been kicked out of their safe haven, they are “desperately clinging to each other,” and “it’s those moments of human interaction and heart that are important.” Sounds like a dramatic beginning to an explosive season!

Furthermore, an Unexpected Death?: Kirkman offered up the juiciest tidbit of the panel, saying in the first episode, “there’s something memorable that happened to a character in the comic that’s happening in the show and it’s not the same character” – perhaps he is referring to Dale’s death in the comics, which involved being bitten by a Walker, kidnapped by cannibals, having his infected leg cut off and eventually dying in Andrea’s arms? If so, that will set quite a high standard for the rest of the season to match.

Beyond these teasers, there is some great “big stuff” to come: new characters like Michonne and the Governor, the establishment at the prison in Woodbury and the exploration of the news that they’re all infected with the Walker-making virus. Oh, and what about the mysterious helicopter?  Also, we know that no one is ever off limits when it comes to deaths on this show (with the possible exception of Rick), and Kirkman’s recent release of his 100th issue comic book cover creates even greater instability surrounding some of the show’s biggest characters (the image shows Rick standing alone next to a mass of dead bodies, including the Governor and Lori). According to USA Today, Kirkman also revealed, “You can’t see it, but Rick is actually holding a birthday cake in his hand. Or, I guess, his only hand.” Could these ominous details translate to the TV series incarnation?

These new teasers are only going to fuel my desire to see Season 3 SOONER than LATER!  I can’t wait to see them get to the prison.  I am looking forward to Rick really laying down the law and even better is the fact that I KNOW they haven’t even revealed 1/2 of the cool stuff that is coming!  I say BRING IT ON!  Let’s start season 3 on May 1st come on….who’s with me?



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