“Live Long & Poster” By Tracie Ching

We interviewed Tracie back in February and since then we have become huge fans of her work and if we are being completely honest…a bit “stalky” of her on Twitter.  Anyhow, her first Kickstarter project was such a huge success she is going back to the well and oh my, the water is oh so tasty.  This time Tracie is tackling the iconic images of the original Star Trek series featuring none other then Captain Kirk and Mr Spock.  Here is how she introduced the project on Kickstarter in her own “Chingey” way.

“KickStarter: The Final Frontier. These are the prints of the artist Tracie Ching. Their mission: To explore strange new mediums… To seek out new backers, and new print editions… To Boldly Go Where No Print Has Gone Before. ba ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba ba ba ba ba-ba-ba”

"BOLDLY GO" - Kirk Detail

Stardate: -310681.75
Captain’s Log: “Today we began our mission to finance the ‘Live Long’ and ‘Boldly Go’ prints. With assistance of the intrepid crew of Nakatomi, it is our hope that the people of Earth will be able to live in a world where these 16×20″ silk screen prints exist, but making them a reality won’t be easy. It will take courage, skill, and a Redshirt who will inevitably die a horrible death. I’m not saying there won’t be sacrifice, but the death of a Redshirt is worth it for these hand signed and numbered beauties. We can only hope the people of Earth agree and aid us in our struggle. Command has assured me should we meet our goal, there will a surprise bonus for backers and crew alike.”

Ching out.

"LIVE LONG" - Spock Detail

“Ching out” cracks me up.  The only thing that would make this project better is a vague BLURPPY reference.  Each print is $45 and is 16″ X 20″, 6-color silk screen print, limited edition run of 100, hand numbered and signed by the Chingster herself and as an added bonus you get 2 4″X 5″ stickers to sweeten the pot!

(Or you can go all in for only $80 and get BOTH prints! That’s a $10 savings kids.)

Head on over to her Kickstarter page HERE and remember, “I have been…and always shall be…your friend…”


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