The New Dark Knight Trailer Is Upon Us

Yesterday we wrote about the new viral campaign that would lead to a new The Dark Knight Rises trailer and now it is here for all to see.  Behold… over 2 minutes of superhero awesomeness that comes from Christopher Nolan’s final installment in the Dark Knight series.  I’ll be totally honest here, once Nolan walks away I pity the fool, (yes that is a Mr. T reference) that tries to pick up where he left off.  It should be left alone, much like role of the Joker should be left alone.  Immortalized by Heath Ledger, it would be blasphemous to try and build upon what Heath left as part of his legacy.

Oh, well I have babbled on quite enough.  Check out the trailer below and get geeked up for the next massive superhero movie of the summer, right after The Avengers opens stateside this weekend.

The Dark Knight Rises opens July 22 and yes, I will be the guy at the IMAX in Irvine waiting in line with my mask and cowl.


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