Think Jam Launches J.K. Rowling’s Brand New Website

Think Jam is an award-winning digital marketing agency with a world-class reputation. With offices in London and Los Angeles they have built an impressive roll call of clients including film studios and independent distributors, corporate entities, filmmakers, television companies, theater producers, publishers and celebrities.

So, when the task of re-launching the website of the world’s bestselling author, J.K. Rowling’s agency, The Blair Partnership, appointed Think Jam to reinvent her website and take her to the next level. The brief was to create a website to reflect the next chapter in Rowling’s life and career with the capacity to manage the massive traffic generated by the author’s huge fan base and ultimately to integrate information about the author, her new projects, and of course Harry Potter.

The transformed website incorporates bespoke illustrations by the author, as well as insights into her latest novel for adults, making this site the hub for all J.K. Rowling fans.
Using the latest web technology, including HTML 5, CSS 3 and Java Script, the new design centers on an interactive, scrollable timeline that offers users an unparalleled, content-rich experience incorporating a host of video and photographic material. The timeline can be filtered to focus on J.K. Rowling’s biography, on Harry Potter or on her new book, The Casual Vacancy, providing a framework that will grow and evolve with the project through creation, publication and beyond.

When asked about the challenges of dealing with a project of this magnitude for such a beloved global entity like Rowling the creative team had this to say.  “There were many challenges for the relaunch in the site which started with the initial design and concept. We wanted to capture a look and tone that took J.K. Rowling into a new phase in her amazing career, which was more about her personally and less about the Harry Potter books. She is such a unique author that the site to be innovative to stand out from other author websites. We wanted to push how HTML 5 could be used, creating a dynamic site with usability at its core so that fans of all ages, and across the world, can reach all the information they need. We are incredibly happy with what we achieved and our amazing team rose to every challenge they faced.

All elements are linkable and shareable, so the site integrates fully with social media channels and is viewable across multiple platforms including a touchscreen version for iPad and a bespoke mobile site. And because of the global scale of Rowling’s fan base, all of the content has been made available in six languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese.

Think Jam CEO Daniel Robey commented, “This project has been a uniquely interesting challenge. Where the previous website had a heavy focus on younger users, this new site aims to attract a more adult audience – for fans of J.K. Rowling both as an author and a person. Her own story is an inspiration and the timeline offers insight into her life and charity work as well as her Harry Potter legacy. The site will provide a hub for news and information – including her own opinions and thoughts – as her new book develops.”

Paul MacGregor, Creative Director at Think Jam said “We presented possible creative routes for the site’s design and the client went with the most innovative choice, which perfectly fits the immersive world of J.K. Rowling. From a design perspective there are a number of challenges that needed to be addressed in terms of the scale to ensure the best possible user experience”.

When asked if J.K. was involved with the development of the site the creative team told us, “We would not have won the job without J.K. Rowling’s approval, and we were so honored that she liked both our concept and designs. We were even more excited when she put pencil to paper and drew a number of sketches specifically for the website, so the final piece very much has her stamp all over  it.”

Whether you are a Harry Potter Fan, eagerly awaiting news on her first novel for adults or simply want more info about this amazing author, head over to her new website here at


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