Chronicle DVD Review

Chronicle - What are you capable of?First time film director Josh Trank tells the story of youth gone wild in this hand-held perspective movie that shows us what might happen if troubled teens were given incredible powers.  The DVD comes out tomorrow, 5/15 and here is what we thought about it.

The movies stars Dane Dehaan who portrays the troubled loner Andrew who is constantly documenting his depressing existence with his new video camera , Alex Russell as his level-headed cousin Matt Garetty and Michael B. Jordan as Steve Montgomery who plays a convincing, popular jock who aspires to be class president. One evening, while at a party, the boys stumble upon a hole in the ground in the middle of the woods.  The hole is emitting some sort of odd sound and they enter to investigate.  Once inside, they discover an odd, glowing, blue rock.  From there things get a bit weird when the stone turns red and the guys all pass out.

Once they awaken they discover that they have telekinetic powers.  At first they are harmless and they use the power only to entertain themselves but as they become more and more in tune with their abilities…well lets say they don’t see eye to eye anymore.

I found the movie completely entertaining.  I had no expectations going into the film and walked away eager to see the proposed second and third films that are scheduled to follow.  I couldn’t help wonder how much these guys would have benefited from watching or reading Spiderman and going by Uncle Ben’s credo, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

The special fx in this movie fit perfectly with the found footage perspective.  They aren’t polished and at times they are a bit jerky but this plays well with teens trying to reign in unbelievable new found abilities.

Writer Max Landis (son of John Landis) explained that Chronicle was mostly about the world’s first superhero, mainly because the story is grounded in reality and not some fantasy world. However, he says Chronicle 2 will be about the world’s first super villain.  Who knows where the anticipated third film will go but I suspect it will ultimately climax in a battle of good vs. evil.

All in all it is a great way to spend 83 minutes and will leave you wanting the ability to fly or wanting to visit  Tibet.

To celebrate the May 15th Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download release of intense found-footage thriller CHRONICLE, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment & IGN are pleased to announce the launch of Film School Chronicles – a film making challenge designed to give young filmmakers the chance to share their talents and celebrate the extraordinary!

The competition will run through the IGN Facebook page until May 22nd challenging users to create 30-90 second videos on the subject of the extraordinary.  The best submission, as judged by Chronicle Director Josh Trank, will receive a fantastic Digital SLR camera set-up and the chance to fly to LA and meet with Josh.


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