Pixar’s Hidden Secrets: ‘The Lucky 7 Lounge’ and “The Love Lounge”

Pixar Lucky 7 LoungeBehold the panel that hides the secret panel to Pixar’s hidden, secret ‘Lucky 7 Lounge”.  This is the type of thing that my Marm and I LOVE!  Secret passages, safe rooms, stairs that lead to nowhere, hidden compartments, it all captures our imagination and makes us want to know more.  Well is appears that the ‘secret’ is now out about this concealed gem at Pixar.

You wouldn’t know it by looking but above is a picture of Andrew Gordon’s new office. (Andrew is a long-time Pixar animator.)  Within this image there is a secret passage that leads to a space known as “The Lucky 7 Lounge”.  Not much of a ‘secret’ anymore the room is set up with a bar and resembles an old speakeasy.  To enter the room you must know how to activate the entrance.  There is a bust on his bookshelf and within the sculpture there is a button.  A shiny white button that opens the entrance.  (Very reminiscent of Batman’s from the old TV show.) Once inside there are photos of some of Andrew’s ancestors along with pictures of celebrities that have visited the space.

The room above is the latest ‘secret’ room at Pixar but Andrew has yet another lil’ paradise hidden in his OLD office space.  The story goes that one day Andrew found a small door on the back wall when he moved into his office. It opened to a low corridor that you could crawl through to a room clad in sheet metal that provided access to the air-conditioning valves. He and his colleagues commandeered the secret room, festooned it with Christmas lights and lava lamps, and furnished it with benches upholstered in animal prints, tasseled pillows, a fold-up cocktail table, liquor bottles, bar equipment, and napkins that read “The Love Lounge.”

A video camera installed in the corridor allowed occupants to monitor who might be approaching. Lasseter and Jobs brought important visitors there and had them sign the wall. The signatures include Michael Eisner, Roy Disney, Tim Allen, and Randy Newman. Jobs loved it, but since he wasn’t a drinker he sometimes referred to it as the Meditation Room. It reminded him, he said, of the one that he and Daniel Kottke had at Reed, but without the acid.

Below is a bonus feature from the DVD of “Toy Story 3,” in which Gordon narrates — surprise — a sweet little animated short about the lounge.  Now if only BLURPPY can get in there someday …




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