MONDO Launches An Absolutely STUNNING Olly Moss ‘THE DARK KNIGHT RISES’ Print At SDCC

Artist: Olly Moss
24×36 (variant)
Edition: 180 hand signed and numbered
Price: $110 (and worth EVERY penny!)

All I can say is HO-LY SHIT!  (Sorry about that but there really is no better way to say it.)  After waiting in line for 3 hours, refreshing the Twitter on my phone until the battery almost ran out and with no idea of what was going to be offered or how much it would cost, imagine my exhilaration when THIS F’N INCREDIBLE, MIND-BLOWING image came across and THEN to find out it was Olly Moss!  At that moment the past 3 hours drifted away, my feet stopped hurting and my heart may have even skipped a beat.  This poster is absolutely breathtaking in person.

This is Mondo’s second Batman print for Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated film The Dark Knight Rises. The limited edition variant of this gorgeous print from world-renowned artist Olly Moss was available today at Mondo’s Comic-Con booth for $110.

Olly Moss

Additionally, for the first time in Mondo’s history, a print will be available to anyone and everyone who wants to purchase it. For 24 hours only, beginning at 12:01am CT on Wednesday, July 18, the regular edition of Olly Moss’ The Dark Knight Rises will be available for a full 24 hours at  The final edition number will be set by the total number of people that purchase the print. Follow @MondoNews for more details.

Justin Ishmael

We’ve listened to feedback about making prints available to everyone who wants one, and we’re excited to be able to offer this one time chance with something as highly coveted as an Olly Moss print for Batman.  While we won’t change the collectible status of Mondo posters, this timed release is something we’d like to offer as a unique and rare opportunity for any fan to own a Mondo print,” said Mondo Creative Director Justin Ishmael.

Additionally, a random purchaser of the timed-edition will receive a special “Golden Ticket”. In exchange for this ticket, the lucky winner will receive a commissioned print with the subject of their choice directly from Olly Moss

I have to say, the Mondo team has made a completely chaotic, anxious, frustrating situation at SDCC…enjoyable.  They are all incredibly personal, helpful and patient despite the masses continuously asking the same questions over and over and over.  Kudos to Mondo for not only offering absolutely incredible artwork but for being passionate about what they do.  It shows and I for one, appreciate everything they do.

On a side note, as soon as I walked away from picking up my Olly Moss print a man approached me.  He offered me $110, I said no thank you.  He offered me $200, I said no thank you.  He offered me $300, I said no thank you.  He then asked, “How much WOULD it take to buy it from you?”  I simply responded, “I can’t give you a price because I can’t imagine NOT having it. This thing is spectacular!” He simply smiled and said, “Yeah, I get it” and walked away.  I am glad that he will have a chance to own one of his own with this new program Mondo is doing.  Now watch this video of Justin from about a year ago talking about their process.  It is very insightful and his love of what he does really shines through.

Mondo Tees – Justin Ishmael Interview from Imp House on Vimeo.


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