Kickstarter: 1Q – Natural Sound For Your Mobile Life

David Laituri is using Kickstarter to get his portable Bluetooth speaker project off the ground.  The idea behind 1Q is simple: to bring the beauty, natural acoustic properties and inherent renewability of wood to wherever you and your mobile device wander: to the office, the back yard or simply from room to room. With its compact footprint, 30’ range and estimated 10+ hours of battery life, 1Q is quite versatile.

Wrapped in a 3″ wood cube, 1Q is a powerful little Bluetooth sound system with a hand-crafted cabinet that produces warm, surprisingly natural sound. Integrated Bluetooth v2.1 provides a simple wireless audio link to nearly all smart phones, laptops and tablet devices. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but can easily deliver enough sound to fill some pretty large spaces.

1Q: Natural Bamboo


– Works with any device with either a 3.5 mm wired or Bluetooth audio out capability

– A 30’ range gives you plenty of room to move around

– Simple Bluetooth pairing that remembers up to 10 devices

– Renewable and renewed: for each 1Q delivered through Kickstarter, we will plant a tree through the Arbor Day Foundation, enough to replace the wood for well over 1000 1Q’s

1Q: Natural Walnut


Input: Bluetooth v2.1, 3.5 mm Aux In

Output: 6.5W, 2” full range speaker, developed specifically for 1Q

Power: Approximately 10 hours of internal battery life or powered with the included USB charger

Wood finishes: Walnut, Bamboo and limited edition Red Beech

Dimensions: 3” X 3” X 3” (76 mm X 76 mm X 76 mm)

Weight: 8 oz. (226 g.)

1Q: Limited Edition Red Beech (Pledge $125 and get this one!)

Head over to their KICKSTARTER PAGE to see all the pledge packages that are available.  This project is already WELL beyond it’s goal of $10K so it looks like these bad boys will be available before the holidays.  For even more info on the speakers head over to Dave’s website at VERS.  They have an assortment of eco-friendly products and they also offer a pretty cool “plant a tree and we will plant one too” incentive.



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