Tom Whalen Launches An Extensive New & Improved Layout for Strongstuff.Net

It is hard to even put into words how impressive Tom Whalen’s portfolio is.  He has covered a vast range of topics from Batman, Super Mario, Mickey Mouse and The Wolfman to Charlie Brown, Star Wars and even The Beatles.  The man’s talents know no bounds.

Tom has proven himself to be one of the hardest and most sought after artists out there today.  He is constantly throwing down new prints at an astounding rate.  I have a strong feeling he is addicted to coffee ice cream like I am.  (Either that or there is something very strange in the water in Pennsylvania.)  That MUST be how he works until the wee hours, day in and day out, churning out memorable prints for the masses to seek out, covet and adore.

On August 4th Tom relaunched his website at with a new layout.  This is how he describes the changes.

Posted on August 4, 2012 by


Welcome to the freshly overhauled!

The driving force behind the new layout was the addition of collapsible image galleries that can contain a larger number of images. also of major importance was an events page so that I can easily promote upcoming shows and poster releases. A spiffed up navigation bar and roughly 3,431 other little design tweaks round out the improvements. A huge thanks to sled dog design for a bang up job.

He is so happy with the changes that he wants YOUR feedback.  In exchange for your time he is holding a little contest to celebrate the changes.  Here are the rules:

• Leave a comment in his post sometime between now and 11:59 AM EDT Wednesday, august 8, 2012.

• After that, he will select two winners with a random number generator. The first post will be #1, the second #2 and so on.

• What’s up for grabs? one AP copy of my Adventure Time : Thank You screenprint, and one AP copy of my Land of the Lost : regular edition screenprint

boring fine print: entrants must supply their e-mail address when posting (addresses will not be made public in comments) • winners will be e-mailed the afternoon of Wednesday, august 8, 2012 • the first number selected will get first dibs on which poster they’d like • if a winning e-mail goes unanswered for more than 48 hours, he will select a new number and move on until posters are gone • one entry per person, please.

After perusing the new layout for about 45 minutes I find it to be a vast improvement and love the changes.  If you want to see what else Tom is up to follow him on TWITTER, check out his DEVIANT ART set up,  catch him on DRIBBLE, TUMBLR and of course, BEHANCE.  Despite the fact that I follow him on ALL of the above I REFUSE to call myself a ‘stalker’.  I like to think of myself in more positive terms like an “appreciator” or an “enthusiast“.  Yeah, that’s it.  Those both sound MUCH better.


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