Kickstarter and CreatureBox Present: The Monster Volume – An Art Book 5 Years In The Making

Kickstarter is making yet another dream come true.  The Monster Volume is a 140 page book packed with spacemen, eerie monsters and crazed robots from CreatureBox.

It features the combined efforts of Dave Guertin and Greg Baldwin–character designers with a passion for cartooning and vintage science fiction.

CreatureBox began in 2007 as a spontaneous exploration of character design. Jumping back into the influences of their childhoods, Dave and Greg pulled inspiration from classic Sunday comics, monster books and a wide assortment of cartoons. In the years that followed, they searched for their own voice while learning from the classics. They went to Kickstarter with the hope of producing their first premium art book collecting over five years of their adventures behind the drawing table.

Now, with a beginning goal of $14,500 they have far surpassed it and raised over $173K and completely sold out of their first run of books!  Needless to say, folks like their stuff and so will you!

Within these pages you will discover stranded spacemen, maniacal robots and countless zany creatures in all shapes and sizes. But most importantly, you’ll find adventures from your youth–a time when imagination ruled the day and mysterious monsters ruled the backyard–wrapped in a contemporary exploration of design.

With high quality paper and printing, this 140 page hardcover measures 8.5″ x 12.5″ and collects their full body of work from the last five years. The Monster Volume includes over 35 pages of new designs alongside remastered versions of their sold out sketchbooks (Thoughts, Scribbles + Madness Volumes 1-3 and Palindrone Robot Supply).

If you are looking for Batman and Spider-Man, they’re not in this book. From comics to monsters to a single lost unicorn (seriously), The Monster Volume is all about independent exploration.

As cartoonists who actively look back on their youth, Dave and Greg wanted to provide a body of work that could excite the character designer in all of us. Whether you’re a kid holding your first comic, or a seasoned fan of a niche sci-fi drama, The Monster Volume is a collection for all ages.

Head over to their KICKSTARTER PAGE to get on the waiting list for the next run of books or follow them on TWITTER for updates about this and other projects.


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