Disney Pixar Announces Blu-ray Extra Features For ‘Brave’, Coming Out November 13th

Earlier this month we relayed the news that Pixar was releasing Brave, their latest story which is set on the magical Scottish highlands, on Blu-ray combo pack on November 13th.  At the time, there wasn’t much more info but now we have a comprehensive list of all the goodies that will come with the Blu-ray and there are quite a few.

  • “La Luna” The­atri­cal Short – Fans will love this charm­ing short that accom­pa­nied the film in the­aters. It fol­lows a young boy on his first night work­ing the fam­ily busi­ness along­side his father and grandfather.
  • “The Leg­end of Mor’du” Short – This rous­ing new bonus short film will give fans the chance to delve deeper into the leg­end behind Mor’du, as told by the eccen­tric witch who trans­formed him.


  • Brave Old World – Fans will watch as mem­bers of the “Brave” pro­duc­tion team inves­ti­gate Scot­land, explor­ing its land, cul­ture, peo­ple and dialects. The research they gath­ered was brought thrillingly to life in the­film. Also, fans will hear what actress Emma Thomp­son (voice of Queen Eli­nor) thinks of Pixar’s take on her homeland.
  • Merida & Eli­nor – With the cre­ation of Merida and Eli­nor, the Pixar film­mak­ers delved deep into the rela­tion­ship between mother and daugh­ter. High­light­ing con­trasts in char­ac­ter design, cloth­ing, ani­ma­tion, voic­ing, even hair­style, watch how the film­mak­ers explored this most impor­tant of relationships.
  • Bears – Take a look inside the art and design behind the bears in “Brave.” Each of the bears, gen­tle Mum-Bear and ter­ri­fy­ing Mor’du, demanded a dif­fer­ent approach to cre­at­ing their phys­i­cal appear­ance and personality.

  • Brawl in the Hall – A fas­ci­nat­ing and hilar­i­ous inside look at the process of cre­at­ing “Brave’s” fight­ing Scots, through ani­ma­tion, crowd sim­u­la­tion and fight chore­og­ra­phy – not to men­tion a room full of grunt­ing men whose vocal chor­tles added authen­tic­ity to the rau­cous scene.
  • Won­der Moss – Fans will explore how “Brave’s” tech­ni­cal artists exam­ined the real Scot­tish coun­try­side and stud­ied the laws of nature, then turned the­se find­ings into com­puter codes that would blan­ket Merida’s Scot­land in lush moss, lichen and bracken.
  • Magic –The magic and mys­tery of Scot­land is revealed to fans in this charm­ing fea­ture about the leg­ends – from mys­ti­cal potions to the will-o’-the-wisps – seen in “Brave.”

  • Clan Pixar – At Pixar, get­ting into char­ac­ter is a team effort. From mak­ing Hag­gis to Kilt Fri­days to cel­e­brat­ing the Scot­tish poet Robert Burns, fans will see how the “Brave” pro­duc­tion crew truly embraced Scot­tish themes and cus­toms fueled the Pixar crew through­out the cre­ation of “Brave.”
  • Once Upon A Scene – A closer look at the evo­lu­tion of the sto­ry­lines through­out the pro­duc­tion of the film, includ­ing alter­na­tive open­ings to the film and many deleted scenes.
  • Extended Scenes – Three sep­a­rate scenes are high­lighted in their extended form. Direc­tor Mark Andrews dis­cusses the deci­sion mak­ing process that led to the short­ened ver­sions of these scenes.
  • “Fer­gus & Mor’du” An Alter­nate Open­ing – Once upon a time, “Brave” had a dif­fer­ent open­ing scene. Even­tu­ally cut from the film, fans can see it in its entirety in this bonus fea­ture nar­rated by the film’s direc­tor Mark Andrews.

  • Fallen War­riors Mon­tage – A selec­tion of deleted shots that were cut from the film late in pro­duc­tion are pre­sented to fans in var­i­ous stages of com­ple­tion through a video mon­tage nar­rated by direc­tor Mark Andrews.
  • Dirty Hairy Peo­ple – Fans will enjoy this uproar­i­ous bonus fea­ture dis­cussing the devel­op­ment of “Brave’s” Scots – includ­ing the design of their hair, attire, and dirt-crusted physiques.
  • It is English…Sort Of – This bonus fea­ture helps fans inter­pret some of the more Scot­tish lines in the film, thanks to the real Scot­tish actors who play the key char­ac­ters and con­tributed their own dialects and sayings.
  • Angus – A look at Merida’s most trusted com­pan­ion, Angus, a mighty Clydesdale.

  • The Tapes­try – Fans will learn the story behind this embroi­dered emblem of fam­ily unity, which was lov­ingly crafted by “Brave’s” team of artists.
  • Pro­mo­tional Pieces – This bonus includes pro­mo­tional clips for “Brave,” includ­ing: “Feast Yer Eyes,” “Relics,” “Clan Dun­Broch,” “Launch,” and more.
  • Art Gallery – A selec­tion of breath­tak­ing art from the cre­ation of the film, show­cas­ing char­ac­ters, sets, scenes and stun­ning landscapes.
  • Wee Gaffes – A video mon­tage of sim­u­la­tion, ani­ma­tion and shot bloopers.
  • Renais­sance Ani­ma­tion Man – Get a look at Direc­tor Mark Andrews’ love of Scot­land, sword-fighting, music and more!
  • Direc­tor Commentary
  • Teasers and Sneak Peeks 

Head over to the Disney store to prebook your copy today.


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