Feast Your Eyes On Alana Blanchard’s… New Blog (what did you THINK I was going to say?)

Alana Blanchard is more than just an extremely beautiful woman.  She is a pet lover (she has 3 dogs), a vegan, World Class surfer, beloved daughter, bikini aficionado, product ambassador and for those that know her, a devoted friend.  Alana was born in Kauai, Hawaii, and has been surfing since the age of 4. (Personally, my favorite spot on the planet. Between the amazing pizza at Pizzetta’s or the delicious coffee ice cream at Lappert’s that place has all my food groups covered!)

She recently started a blog called, surprisingly, alanablanchard.com.  The site is filled with gorgeous photos and videos of Alana showing you what it is like to be one of the most popular surfers on the planet and let me tell you, life looks great through her eyes.

Here is her bio, in her own words:

“Hey! My name is Alana Rene Blanchard. I was born at my house on the beautiful island of Kauai. My dad taught me how to surf when I was around 4 years old at the Hanalei Pier. I was 9 years old when I started competing and since then, I have been surfing my way around the world.

I love going to new places, making new friends and surfing new waves. It’s pretty important that I stay fit and healthy when I am traveling so I like finding cool places to workout, the best local produce to eat and of course, great places to go shopping – I figure that walking while shopping is exercise too 😉

But most of all, after a long trip away, I love landing back in Hawaii. It’s the perfect place to hideaway, spend time with my family and surf some uncrowded secret spots. 

I feel so lucky to be able to pursue a professional career doing something that I love so much, and without the support from my parents and sponsor’s it would never have happened. So, thanks for joining me and following my blog, tweets and pictures; here’s to many more bikinis and adventures!”

Her site makes me wanna sell everything I have, listen to some Jack Johnson, move to Kauai, drop 30 LBS and learn how to surf. Looks like the island lifestyle has treated her incredibly well, why not me?

Follow Alana on TWITTER or FACEBOOK to see where she is off to next as she travels around this big blue marble that we all live on,  This girl lives the life that most of us would sell our souls for.  (Ok, that may be a bit extreme but you get what I’m saying right?)  That being said, I’m pretty sure that if you look up the word “photogenic” on Google, her picture comes up.


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