Check out the indiegogo Project – muvichip: Movies Anytime, Anywhere On Any Device

Since the advent of the CD and DVD, the entertainment industry’s next content major delivery platform has been “right around the corner.” In the last few years, however, USB-based storage media has become so compact, it was only a matter of time before someone came along to marry the ubiquitous USB platform with pre-loaded, solid state entertainment content users can enjoy on any device. Now, a technology company led by lifelong serial entrepreneur John Strisower has launched FlixChip Corp., a company that promises to deliver entertainment content smaller, simpler and faster with its new family of devices: muvichip™, muvifi™ and gamerschip™. muvichip isn’t just any USB device, however; it is packaged as a credit card-sized unit with high quality graphics and a magnetically attached solid-state media that entices the consumer.

FlixChip has partnered with FilmChest Media Group who has one of the largest libraries of film classics and TV series in the world. These titles will be among the first available on FlixChip’s muvichip. For devices without a USB port, (such as many smartphones and tablets), FlixChip has developed a companion device, the muvifi, that wirelessly transmits the movie to any Wi-Fi-enabled device. As many as five devices can stream a movie from muvifi at the same time.

While a lot of music content is migrating to the cloud, “metered” wireless (and soon, wired) data plans and still-jittery, intermittent wireless streaming of bandwidth-hungry content means the public promises to embrace a solid-state solution that provides instant access and a familiar interface, yet requires no optical drive, which has already begun disappearing from computers.


FlixChip’s first product offering, the muvichip, is a small, durable, streamlined, solid-state device with pre-loaded film content that works on anything with a screen and a USB port. Pull it from its case, insert in the port and voila: movies on the go, in the car, wherever you are, even without an Internet connection. There’s no need to preplan a download, sync movies to portable devices, or learn to rip DVD’s. Now movie fans and gamers can take their entire collection along—even without Internet access. muvifi is cross compatible with iOS, Windows, OS X, and Android, and FlixChip plans support for other platforms beginning in early 2013. Manufacturing has already begun; muvichip and muvifi are expected to be available on the FlixChip website and Amazon with FilmChest and any other content confirmed by then within the next 45 to 60 days—just in time for the holidays.


The time is definitely now for the launch of filmed entertainment on the USB platform,” explains CEO and founder John Strisower, whose half-dozen plus start-ups paired state-of-the-art technology—typically semiconductors, computer hardware and software—with electronic, electromechanical and laser-based technologies to address industry problems and opportunities. “The key thing is that the customer already OWNS the hardware they need for muvichip playback and muvifi local streaming, and they already know how to use it. Along with hard media, VOD and other digital delivery systems, muvichip promises to be the next major content delivery platform.”

The muvichip uses the industry’s UltraViolet™ (UV) movie distribution and digital rights management protocols. The Sierra Club Green Home recently recognized muvichip as a friend of the environment, since it requires far less plastic than a DVD, as well as less packaging that could end up in a landfill. Strisower expects muvichip pricing to be competitive with BluRay; the muvifi will retail for around $35.

Customers can pre-buy muvichip and all of FlixChip’s products on FlixChip’s IndieGoGo site  and on FACEBOOK .

Initial industry reaction to FlixChip has been very positive. FlixChip’s management is already in negotiations with four major film studios and numerous independent distributors to license their proprietary movie content for distribution on FlixChip media, and the company has begun discussions with two video game producers and a number of other content providers. Distribution deals are being inked with brick and mortar and online retailers in time for holiday/winter 2012/13.

Strisower concludes, “FlixChip products represent a new yet familiar model for digital media distribution. We’re working with the world’s largest and smallest entertainment companies to bring their content to audiences. With the disappearance of optical drives from computers, optical media are becoming buggies. Our products represent the next step in the miniaturization and portability of filmed and gaming content.”

Head over to their indiegogo page HERE to learn more about this incredible product and to make a pledge to help launch it.


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