DC’s ‘The Black Mirror’ Storyline Raises The Bar For Batman Storytelling

Although this one originally came out in 2011 this collected hardcover edition by DC Comics deserves CONSTANT adoration.  Written by Scott Snyder, illustrated by Jock and Francesco Francavilla this story is easily one of the most compelling Batman tales ever told.

In the aftermath of the universe-shattering events known as the Final Crisis, Gotham City’s Dark Knight was presumed dead.

With the mantle of the Bat unclaimed and the city unprotected, original Robin Dick Grayson took up the cape and cowl as Gotham’s new Batman, joined by Bruce Wayne’s son Damian as Robin.  The two formed a new and decidedly different dynamic duo, while former sidekick Tim Drake assumed the identity of Red Robin.

But, when a VERY much alive Bruce Wayne reappears, he does not immediately return to his old role as Gotham’s Caped Crusader.  Instead, the original Dark Knight sets out on a larger mission:  Batman, Incorporated.  Recruiting  allies from around the world, Bruce forms a franchise of Batmen to protect the entire planet.

And the burden of protecting Gotham City is once again left on the shoulders of protege Dick Grayson.  The hardcover collects DETECTIVE COMICS #871-881 and once you start reading it, it’s practically impossible to put down.  This critically acclaimed story is superbly told by Scott Snyder and the imagery is provided by Jock and Francesco Francaila.  In the story Dick Grayson shares the limelight with Commissioner Gorden as a focal point.

We get an in depth look at Gordon’s relationship with his daughter Barbara and estranged son James.  His struggle with these relationships is very evident and you can feel the pain of this man torn between being a father and his duty to the city he has sworn to protect.

Gordon and his son James

One of our favorite moments is when Gordon is on the roof by the Bat Signal talking to Batman.  At one point Gordon leans over, turns off the Bat Signal and when he turns around he is stunned that Batman (Dick Grayson) is still there.  Batman even asks, “Something wrong Commissioner?”  Gordon responds, “No…I suppose I’m just not used to it yet?”  Batman is confused and asks, “Used to what?”  Gordon’s response is simple, “To you still being there when I look up.”  Little references like this show that Snyder is an astute follower of the Batman mythos and that he cares enough to add these minute details to make the story even better.

Snyder knows how to make things disturbing and mysterious while keeping a strong level of action driving the plot forward. He brings a level of sophistication and class to the title,” continued YAHOO! ASSOCIATED CONTENT.

Check out all the covers from the series and then head to the bottom of the article to watch a quick video of Scott Snyder talking to fans about the series at Midtown Comics from January of this year.  If you have NOT read this one yet, now is the time.  Click HERE to order yours today and we will just end by saying “Your Welcome” because we KNOW you will agree, this story line has raised the bar as far as Batman storytelling goes.


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