Help Restore The Bridge Of Star Trek The Next Generation’s Enterprise D

There is a new mission over on Kickstarter by fans, for fans, to completely restore the STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION D Bridge Set to make it a fully interactive, simulator available for display, parties, movie showings, fundraising, charities, fan films, as well as newly created interactive education “Missions” so entire classrooms of students can steer the Enterprise to other planets, galaxies and more.

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Once completed, it will be open to the public for meetings, movie showings, fund raisers, tours, fan filming, anything!

(T-shirts available with proceeds going to save the bridge.)

This campaign will not just be restoring the bridge, it will update it to be exactly as it was seen on the TV Series with actual working touchscreen computers controlling the bridge.

It will be programmed in LCARS style, where people can warp, fire photon torpedoes, Red Alert, fight Borg, Romulans, Klingons, with the lights and sounds of the TV series. It will be the equivalent of a totally interactive video game, the likes of which has never been achieved!

Head over to Project Restorations  Star Trek Enterprise D Bridge Restoration Facebook page HERE for more info or head directly to their KICKSTARTER page HERE to donate now.

This Kickstarter campaign will be continuing until early December. Support for this non profit project is tax deductible!


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1 Response to Help Restore The Bridge Of Star Trek The Next Generation’s Enterprise D

  1. drtch says:

    Please…a question. I expect that most STNG fans have assumed that the Bridge set is one set…but I suspect the view toward the Front (large) view-screen is a separate set. Yes or no? THANKS!!


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