EXCLUSIVE: Check Out Matt Ferguson’s Incredible New Iron Man 3 Print

BLURPPY is extremely pleased to offer you an exclusive look at Matt Ferguson’s brand new poster for Iron Man 3.  Matt is a UK graphic designer who is building up a pretty impressive portfolio at a blistering pace.  His work is admired by Hollywood, (Mark Ruffalo is a huge fan) and Marvel can’t get enough of his unique style.  Matt had the highly coveted honor of designing the disc sleeves for Marvel’s upcoming Avengers box set.  The seven sleeves highlight each movie with an iconic image that is undeniably Ferguson’s signature style.

With his Iron Man 3 print Matt continues his design excellence and delivers another fantastic image.  The 3 repulsor rays subtly signify the number 3 for the third installment in the Iron Man franchise.  Matt is extremely excited to present this image to the public and I for one, hope he decides to sell it!  (Come on Matt, open a store so folks can collect your art!)

Check out Matt’s website Cakes and Comics to see more of his incredible work and follow him on TWITTER to keep up on new projects, witty banter and to learn when he is going to open his own online STORE!  (Sorry, Matt, not pushing, consider it gentle prodding.)  Check out the full image of his beautiful Iron Man 3 print after the jump as well as a look at some of his other work.

Here are some other pieces that show the true talent of this amazing artist.

Poster for Chronicle Movie Commissioned by the studio

Escape From New York

Ghostbusters Prints

The Amazing Spiderman

BLURPPY would like to thank Matt again for this exclusive.  Now open your shop / gallery so we can come in and talk about movies and geek out.


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