MASSIVE Nightmare Before Christmas Collection Going To Auction!

-0nbcauction3At 47 years old, Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas is STILL one of my all time favorite movies.  I consider it a timeless classic and can’t even count how many times I have watched it.  Imagine my joy when BLOODY DISGUSTING recently reported that one of the biggest N.B.C. collections EVER is going up for auction!

nbcauction5Nightmare Before Christmas fanatic Jon Zazula will be unloading his entire collection through Hake’s American & Collectibles over the next several months. The first lot will be approximately 35 pieces and a catalog that describes each piece will be made available in mid-February.  (DUDE!  I want that MAYOR figure in the corner below!)

0nbcauction6The collection includes, movie lenticulars, American and European posters, watches, promotional materials, lip gloss (did I just say “lip gloss”?),perfume, figurines, tuxedo shirt buttons, and much, much more.  Basically, if you are looking for that something special to finish YOUR colletion…this guy has it!

Zazula states that the collection includes, “Pretty much one of everything released from 1993 to 2004.” Zazula also adds that the “…staring bids are lower than value so that everyone can participate and maybe even get lucky!

0nbcauction7 You can email Jon here with any questions or to ask if he has a specific item.  (Make sure to put the subject line as “Nightmare Before Christmas”).

0nbcauction1Once this is all gone…what is he going to do with all this extra space?  Perhaps begin a NEW obsession?  Saaaaaaaay….an entire room dedicated to the comedy masterpiece, Strange Brew?  Who knows, the possibilities are endless.


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4 Responses to MASSIVE Nightmare Before Christmas Collection Going To Auction!

  1. robin says:



  2. robin says:

    also how can i get in contact with him other then the auction to buy things or look at them


  3. robin says:

    very interested in alot of the things


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