8 Artists X 1 Interview (Part 1): Artist David Moscati Spills The Beans About Star Trek, Duck Dynasty, NASA and MORE!

moscati_zBlurppy is almost ready to unleash our first exclusive for 2013 and we are very excited to share it with you.  Until then, I wanted to give you a little insight to each of the 7 artists that are participating in the project.  I offered all of them the same set of questions and like their art, their answers are completely different from the next.  First up…David Moscati.

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 2.15.13 PMDesigner and Illustrator David Moscati, specializes in Print, Identity and Web design.  He is a self proclaimed Polar Bear Connoisseur, astronomy enthusiast, he invented the internet, once drank 60 beers in one sitting, has PhD’s in Dinosaurs, Time Travel and  European Politics from 1900 through 1980 and is currently prepared for a zombie apocalypse.  That only scratches the surface and his exploits rival those of “the most interesting man in the world.”

I am excited to have him working on our first exclusive for 2013 and he was kind enough to answer some questions for me before the reveal.  Here is what this renaissance man had to say.

Moscati_Science2_oBLURPPY:  How would YOU describe your style or how would YOU like it described. You always get OUR/ BLOGGER point of view, let’s hear from YOU.

Moscati: I grew up as an Illustrator. I learned in traditional media and still continue to sketch and draw before I ever touch a computer. I feel that my Illustrative background gives my work the distinct character that me and a lot of my peers have. I like to think of it as digital illustration because I continue to use the same principles as I do with any illustration only utilizing a new medium.

BLURPPY: Well said.  I would have simply described your style as “bitchin” so I’m glad I had YOU describe it.  How did you get started in the “poster” scene? What was your FIRST print?


Moscati: I started off doing gig posters and migrated into doing film posters as a way to experiment and refine my style. Eventually they caught on and I was being asked to be in shows. I hadn’t yet printed any of my posters before so that in itself was an interesting experience. My first screen printed poster was my “Videotapes” print based on the book/film “American Psycho“. This was much more minimal and simple than my style is currently. It is also a one color print because I was still learning how to trap and separate.

Moscati - American Psycho

Moscati – “American Psycho”

BLURPPY: What are your 3 favorite pieces that you have done that you feel really show off your talent or truly capture a subject you love.

Moscati:  I would say that as for content my favorite would be my “Prosperous Future” print I did for an Art V. Cancer show in Manchester, England. I am an enormous SciFi geek and love Star Trek so being asked to be a part of the “Live Long and Prosper” show was a great opportunity for me. Stylistically I would say my “Fifty” print based on James Bond’s 50th anniversary of his film appearances. Third and probably one of my favorite prints to date is “Ghidorah“. I was able to really hone in on my style a bit with the illustrative qualities but still maintaing the simplicity with the other elements.




BLURPPY:  Star Trek huh?  I would ask you who is a better captain, “Kirk” or “Picard”, but I don’t want to get into any trouble with the Trekkies/Trekkers so I will let it go.  What would be your dream project? What would you KILL to work on? This can be a real project or something crazy like “design the next Death Star for Lord Vader.”

Moscati:  It would be a dream to work with Marvel or DC on official limited prints for their films. Once again (points to self), “Geek!”  Also if there was a way to do some cool stuff for NASA I would be down for that as well. I love science and science fiction alike.

BLURPPY:  I thought that Marvel and DC were ambitious until you threw in NASA…DAMN SON, you are swinging for the fences!  I would have LOVED to see something from you for DC’s upcoming animated feature,  The Dark Knight Returns: Part 2What is your process like?  How do you get started on a project?

Moscati Gig Poster for Pink Kodiak - "Bearing Down"

Moscati Gig Poster for Pink Kodiak – “Bearing Down”

Moscati:  I always start a project with the same rituals. First, all of the following is usually done with movies being played in the background. I work best with a dvd on, especially if the project is a film poster I will be watching the respective film while I sketch and take notes. I then get out my sketchbook and start drawing up a storm. After it’s on paper I’m usually feeling good about a composition or two that I then transfer to the computer and go to town. This process also involves lots of coffee and consulting with my dog Sasha.

BLURPPY:  Substitute your coffee for coffee ICE CREAM some time and join the Dark Side with me.  Whose work do you follow, love, crave? Any specific pieces by these artists that stand out to you?

Daniel Danger - "Wet Teeth In The Darkness"

Daniel Danger – “Wet Teeth In The Darkness”

Moscati:   I am really digging the new direction Martin Ansin is heading in. I also admire Daniel Danger for his unique style, Grzegorz Domaradzki and Ken Taylor have a great handle on their craft. I really enjoy the stuff the Godmachine has been producing lately as well. I really admire lots of designers. When I see a different style than mine, I’m always drawn in. You also can’t beat the masters of poster design like Toulouse Lautrec and Saul Bass. Two of my favorite artists of all time.

The Shining By Saul Bass

The Shining By Saul Bass

BLURPPY: I was fortunate enough to get Ansin’s “Alaska” triptych at the “A Distant Winter” show and it is incredible!  (The picture doesn’t do it justice.) Danger’s work is so dark and always seems to have an amazing foreboding mood to it and don’t even get me started on how brilliant Taylor’s work is!  Ken’s “Halloween” print was amazing!  How do you see the whole “pop-culture poster craze” evolving?  What is your hope for it?

Martin Ansin - "Alaska"

Martin Ansin – “Alaska”

Moscati:  It scares me in the sense that all things that become a craze eventual fizzle out. However when it comes to things like music and art, they don’t so much fizzle but grow. They evolve into something more, whether it be into a different style, medium or content I’m not sure but I believe it will be in high demand for a while and I hope that it continues to become more appreciated. Before the poster craze, art wasn’t seen as something valuable so much as it was seen as an asset for the means of some other end, ie: designing a brochure for a company or maybe an ad for a brand. But now art has taken a turn into its own realm where it can be appreciated for only being what it is. Art. People want to spend their hard earned money on your work, frame it, and hang it in their living room. That to me is precisely what I strive for.

BLURPPY:  I concur.  What is your “can’t live without possession?”….NO KIDS or PETS!

Moscati:  Well… besides my dog, seeing as how she falls into both of those categories… I would have to go with a sketchbook (with a writing utensil). I need to be able to write my ideas down and sketch out my thoughts. Without a creative outlet I think I could litterally explode.

BLURPPY:  Hmmmm…I am leaning towards my iPad but I am pretty fond of my DVR too so not sure just WHAT I would pick.  What is your favorite guilty pleasure?…..ham, Honey Boo-Boo, Junior mints, American Pickers, coffee ice cream, long walks on the beach….etc…

Moscati:  Well, for it to be a guilty pleasure you would first have to feel guilty about it. I hardly feel guilty about my pleasures but I think if I combined a few it would add up to an embarrassing scenario. I would be rather satisfied watching a Duck Dynasty marathon, eating pizza wearing my fuzzy socks and polar bear pajama pants.

Duck Dynasty's Infamous Uncle Si

Duck Dynasty’s Infamous Uncle Si

BLURPPY:  Ha-ha-ha.  I could watch Uncle Si allllll weekend.  You gotta get some camo pajamas!  How is 2013 shaping up for you so far? Any projects/ shows/ collaborations you can talk about or tease?

Moscati:  2013 will be a great year for Moscati-Vision! Kicking off the year with a great fun project here with Blurrpy. I love working with Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn because they donate a lot to charity so I have a couple coming up with them. I am actually working on some early plans for my first solo show to take place in Atlanta, GA. which I am very nervous and excited for. But so far it’s looking to be an eventful year.

BLURPPY:  Joe over at Bottleneck seems like a great guy and I can’t wait to see the stuff for your solo show.  (Stay tuned for more on this event when it becomes available.) What is your favorite movie of all time and why?



Moscati:  I feel this would be difficult for any poster designer. I think we all are film buffs in our own regard. My top three films of all time are Blade Runner, Alien and The Road Warrior. If I HAD to chose one I would go with Mad Max. Which by the way I am very excited to see Tom Hardy take on the roll. Especially since George Miller is reprising as director and writer.

Blurppy:  I’m a huge fan of Hardy’s work and I think he is the PERFECT person to reprise the role.  Ok, pick one from each line as your favorite:

Peanut butter and jelly or Ham and cheese: GRILLED ham and cheese.

Whedon’s AVENGERS or Nolan’s DARK KNIGHT RETURNS:  Dark Knight Returns, every time. Or should I say Heath Ledger… every time.

Summer on the West Coast or Fall in New England:  Fall in New England. I love the mountains, love the cold and love the snow.

Kubrick’s The Shining Movie or King’s The Shining Book:  This one is tricky. Both were amazing in their own way. I saw the film first actually so I might have to go with that. Also Kubrick did so well on the film and Jack Nicholson was amazing in this role. It’s a classic that can’t be matched.

Morning or night:  I do most of my work at night, my creativity flows better but I enjoy my mornings. Give me a coffee and a book and I’m good to go.

Pizza or sushi:  Another hard one since I feel like these two things make up 90% of my diet. But… you can’t beat a good slice.

Justin Bieber or Gangnam style:  Neither.

Cats or dogs:  Sasha. (My dog) Dogs are the greatest. Fact.



Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd:  Zeppelin hands down. You can keep the hippy stuff.

Charlie Brown Christmas or It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown:  Great Pumpkin because I always have enjoyed Halloween the most.

I would like to thank David for being so generous with his time.  As you can see, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Moscati.  To see, learn and follow David you can check out his WEBSITE, FACEBOOK PAGE and chat with him on TWITTER @MoscatiVision.

Stay tuned for our next artist spotlight and of course, the exclusive…


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