8 Artists X 1 Interview (Part 5): Midnight Marauder Talks About His Criterion Dream Job, His Hot Toys Obsession and His “Go To Guy” For Inspiration Chip Kidd

Exclusive sneak peek.

Exclusive sneak peek.

Midnight Marauder is a BLURPPY regular.  His Criterion Collection Series is exceptional and he describes himself as a “freelance designer specializing in film posters and prints“.  He churns out work at an incredible pace but somehow managed to find some time for BLURPPY’s first 2013 exclusive. (For which I am eternally grateful).  Now, sit back read along and find out what makes MM tick.

BLURPPY:  How would YOU describe your style or how would YOU like it described.  You always get OUR/ BLOGGER point of view, let’s hear from YOU.

MM:  Style … Boy I’m not sure I have a style of my own yet. I have been raised on Kubrick films and i have kept that sharp vision of his on everything i do, what i mean is i feel like Kubrick walking on set in the morning with his view finder to block his shots. Takes me longer then he ever did to compose. Finding the right aesthetic to each design. I am a freak for detail. so my work is very detailed.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 11.03.46 AMBLURPPY:  I disagree, I absolutely think you have a style.  I see one of your posters and I immediately identify it as MM.  “Gritty” or “raw” might be the words I use How did you get started in the “poster” scene?  What was your FIRST print?

MM: I started out working on Criterion Collection covers just for fun, with the hopes of someday working on the real thing. On the flip side I’d been collecting traditional gig posters for years. Guys like Print Mafia, Rob Jones and Allen Jaeger just to name a few.  First official print was my Raging Bull Poster based on one of my Criterion covers.

BLURPPY:  What are your 3 favorite pieces that you have done that you feel really show off your talent or truly capture a subject you love. 

MM:  That’s a tough one! I have hundreds that I like. I will have to go with my Prometheus Posters. In all fairness I just have too many so I have included a few medleys of Criterion designs that represent my body of work.

2 Images from Midnight Marauder's Prometheus series.

2 Images from Midnight Marauder’s Prometheus series.

Criterion Collection Medley

Criterion Collection Medley

MM-CC-MEDLEY-02MM-CC-MEDLEY-03BLURPPY:  I knew, given the amount of work you have amassed in your portfolio, that that was going to be a tough one for you.  I think it is important to point out to first time viewers of your work that this is only a small portion of your work.  I can’t BELIEVE that your LOOPER print didn’t get in there!

-0Hands down one of my all-time favorite prints of 2012.  I have been trying to get you to produce that one for SALE since you launched it! (FYI, I’m STILL waiting for this one to go on sale!)  What would be your dream project?  What would you KILL to work on? This can be a real project or something crazy like “design the next Death Star for Lord Vader.”

MM:  I would go ape shit to work for Criterion on any given project, but the dream project would be on a Robert Altman or Sam Peckinpah film for Criterion !!

BLURPPY: I could see you doing something spectacular for Quintet, The Gingerbread Man or even Secret Honor for Altman and there are too many good ones from Peckinpah to pick just one or two. (That being said, I LOVED Convoy when it first came out and Invasion of the Body Snatchers with Sutherland scared the sh!t out of me.)  What is your process like?  How do you get started?

-0invasion_of_the_body_snatchers_1978_movie_image_donald_sutherland_01MM:  My process, I can’t say I really have one. It just never ends up being what I set out to make. Through error and mistakes it always ends up better in some respects.  I do a lot of research before I get started, I seek out as much as I can on any given film but I always start off by picking a director I like.

BLURPPY:  Whose work do you follow, love, crave?  Any specific pieces by these artists that stand out to you?

I like many artist, too many to list. Chip Kidd is my go to guy when I need a visual guide on how it’s done. Recently I have been introduced to this insane artist working in the film poster world her name is Akiko Stehrenberger  she is an amazing artist, her work just blows me away !!

akikio-funnygamesClient: Warner Independent
Art Director & Illustrator: Akiko Stehrenberger” Official One Sheet
Key Art Award Finalist 2009

…but here are a few of my favorite pieces.

FAV-GETAWAY1) The Getaway – Japanese Poster (I love to collect Japanese movie posters. They all have this structure to the photos and collage that is magnificent)

h2) Haywire – Kellerhouse (Love is too weak a word to describe Kellerhouse’s work)

FAV-ROCKYHORROR3) Rocky Horror Picture Show – Japanese Poster (Amazing !! )

FAV-THEKILLS4) The Kills – WeareyoungMonster (genius!!)

BLURPPY:  Wow.  I have to say, one of the best things about this 7 Artists X 1 Interview series BESIDES getting inside YOUR heads is the amazing new artists you guys are turning me onto. How do you see the whole “pop-culture poster craze” evolving?  What is your hope for it?

MM:  If it continues the way it does, then certainly it will end very soon.  Let me explain why.  The film subjects and themes have not evolved much other then pop culture subjects. There needs to be an evolution of the genres that are currently chosen. Sophisticated and lost films need to be taken on in order for it to survive and reach a larger art form and audience. Another sad aspect to this movement is the rotation of artists, more artists need to be given a shot!

BLURPPY:  I agree and disagree. I think that more artists need their shot but I think that is coming.  I think that the way this “craze” continues is with new artists stepping up or being given a chance to give you a totally different perspective on beloved classics as well as obscure gems.  I think that the Mondos, Bottleneck Gallerys, Spoke Arts, Gallery 1988s of the world control whether or not this insane addicton fans have for pop culture art continues or not. I have a feeling that this trend of new artists will really take hold this year.  What is your “can’t live without possession?”….NO KIDS or PETS!

MM:  My entire collection of Hot Toys Iron Man series, I am a huge hot toys collector …. if Hot Toys is reading this, hit me up !!!

MM-HT-IRONMANBLURPPY:  What is your favorite guilty pleasure?…..ham, Honey Boo-Boo, Junior mints, American Pickers, coffee ice cream, long walks on the beach….etc…

MM:  My guilty pleasure would be listening to a wonderful commentary track and working on a poster or criterion cover. It doesn’t get better then that for me !

BLURPPY:  Spoken like a true movie enthusiast / artist.  How is 2013 shaping up for you so far?  Any projects/ shows/ collaborations you can talk about or tease?

MM:  I am working on a few gallery pieces that will be dropping soon, wish I could plug them now, but can’t … top secret.  My main focus this year is to freelance as much as possible!! whether it’s the limited poster game or traditional film poster business.  I am available day and night ….

BLURPPY:  I know this to be a fact.  I have e-mailed you at all hours and to my surprise, I almost always get a response regardless of what time it is.  Probably the reason you have such a huge portfolio.  You NEVER stop working!  What is your favorite movie of all time and why?

MM:  My favorite film of all time is Robert Altman’s The Long Goodbye and Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner.
Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 10.52.07 AM-bladerunner
BLURPPY:   I love your Blade Runner series.  Yet ANOTHER one that I am waiting for you to SELL!  We gotta get you a gig on the upcoming Blade Runner flick.  Ridley…look no further, I have your guy!  OK, pick one from each line as your favorite:

Peanut butter and jelly or Ham and cheese : PB and J
Whedon’s AVENGERS or Nolan’s DARK KNIGHT RETURNS : Neither, Favreau’s Iron Man !!
Summer on the West Coast or Fall in New England : Summer West Coast Style
Kubrick’s The Shining Movie or King’s The Shining Book : Kubricks
Morning or night : Night
Pizza or sushi : Pizza !
Justin Bieber or Gangnam style : None of them
Cats or dogs : dogs
Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd : I truly love both bands, but I am more of a Black Sabbath guy !
Charlie Brown Christmas or It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown : The Great Pumpkin

I would like to thank Midnight Marauder for his time and continued support of BLURPPY.  Let’s summarize what we learned about MM today.  He loves Japanese movie posters, thinks that Black Sabbath is better than Zeppelin or Floyd, is a huge Kubrick fan, and really needs to put his Looper and Blade Runner series up for sale.  Do yourself a favor and check out his site HERE to see the massive amount of impressive work he has done.  (Go to the ARCHIVE section.)  You can also follow him on TWITTER.



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