8 Artists X 1 Interview: Artist Marko Manev Is a Sword Wielding Jedi Who Wants To Write His Own Silver Surfer Graphic Novel For Marvel

Exclusive sneak peek

Exclusive sneak peek

It is almost time for the exclusive reveal with all the artists submissions but first up, we gotta get inside the head of Mr. Marko Manev.  Marko describes himself as “Mixed Media Artist/Comic Artist and Writer/Graphic Designer/Jedi”.  With a description like that it is easy to see why he was drafted into the #Print Posse.  Oh, and did I mention that he is a hell of an artist?  Sit back and learn what makes this artist, Princess Leia’s only hope.

Breaking Barriers By Marko Manev

Breaking Barriers By Marko Manev

BLURPPY:  How would YOU describe your style or how would YOU like it described. You always get OUR/ BLOGGER point of view, let’s hear from YOU.

Marko:  Even though minimalist expression is something that I use often, actually what I’m trying to do, is not to have a particular style. I know that having a unique style sounds cool, but I think that it’s also a limitation for the final product. What I try to do when I have an idea, is finding the most appropriate way to express that idea. I don’t think that fitting it in the same mold of a particular style might be the best choice for the final product. This might be because I’m also a conceptual artist and for me concept is more important that style.

Sentinels by Marko Manev

Sentinels by Marko Manev

BLURPPY:  How did you get started in the “poster” scene?  What was your FIRST print?

Marko:  I always wanted to make posters. Even when I was a kid posters and covers for comics and books were the thing that caught my imagination. I love that they have the power to take the essence of an idea and present it in the most awesome way possible. So when I first saw Justin Van Genderen’s fan artworks, I instantly fell in love in them and that gave me the courage do some of my own fan art.

Justin Van Genderen

Justin Van Genderen

My first piece was inspired by Kubrick’s a 2001 a Space Odyssey, but the success of the Marvel Minimalist posters is what gave me the boost to continue doing it.

-012BLURPPY:  “Simple” and “clean” is the way I would describe that 2001 Space Odyssey series.  Almost looks like something Apple would use as an ad campaign.  What are your 3 favorite pieces that you have done that you feel really show off your talent or truly capture a subject you love.  

Marko:  I’m very self critical so this is a tough one. The Apocalypse, Dare Devil and Mr. Fantastic from my Marvel Minimalist series have the conceptual depth that I like, and even though they are not one of the most eye-catching posters I’ve done and I think they capture their subject appropriately. Also I’m really proud of the new posters I’m working on right now, which will be revealed very soon!


BLURPPY:  I really like the “distressed” look and feel of the posters.  What would be your dream project?  What would you KILL to work on?  This can be a real project or something crazy like “design the next Death Star for Lord Vader.”


Marko:  Anything Star Wars or Marvel related. Also I would love to work on a Damon Lindelof project! But my absolute, ABSOLUTE to kill-for project would be to write and illustrate my vision for a Silver Surfer graphic novel!

Silver Surfer By Marko Manev

Silver Surfer By Marko Manev

BLURPPY:  Looks like you have Marvel covered.  There ARE some new Star Wars movies coming out.  As soon as they get a director, we need to get your ideas in front of him.  If you have an idea to pitch for S.S. you should fly over to the states and come to San Diego Comic Com.  Great place to network and make dreams come true. What is your process like?  How do you get started?

Marko:  When I have an idea, I work really hard on destroying it with everything I have against it. If it survives, it is worthy to continue doing it. And when I choose the appropriate approach, I do some research, producing several sketches along the way. If I can’t find enough reference, I pose and photograph myself. Then I illustrate with my Wacom tablet in Photoshop or Illustrator depending what I need to achieve.

BLURPPY:  You artists and your Wacom tablets!  The go to device of the creative guild.  Whose work do you follow, love, crave?  Any specific pieces by these artists that stand out to you?

Brian Wood DMZMarko:  All of Brian Wood’s DMZ covers. Even though he is mainly a writer, but his cover designs are absolutely amazing. Every time I need inspiration I go through his designs. Also I really like Jock’s illustrations. And I have to say the whole community of geek artists creating fan art, because they give me the courage and inspiration to keep doing and presenting my own artworks.

The Joker by Jock

The Joker by Jock

BLURPPY:  Jock is one of my all-time favorite artists.  The stuff he did on Batman was brilliant.  I can see why his work inspires artists. How do you see the whole “pop-culture poster craze” evolving?  What is your hope for it?

One of Marko's Chronicle posters.  See the rest HERE

One of Marko’s Chronicle posters. See the rest HERE

Marko:  I would love to see more and more studios approach the fan artists and give them the opportunity to work on their favorite movies, because they are already producing some top-notch art anyways. Why not use their passion and talent for the official marketing. I was really excited to do some work for the Chronicle fan based marketing campaign. And I’m very glad that Marvel recognized the talent of my fellow artist Matt Ferguson and chose to use his art for The Avengers Box Set! It’s really motivating when something like that happens, but it should be more often.

Professor X by Marko Manev

Professor X by Marko Manev

BLURPPY:  I agree but like I mentioned in the Midnight Marauder interview, I think it’s coming.  I think the studios and galleries will start reaching out, looking for and discovering new talent.  What is your “can’t live without possession?”….NO KIDS or PETS!

Marko:  My iPad and my MacBook Pro with Retina display, I just love them! …and my Glamdring Sword of course!

Glamding sword

Glamdring sword

BLURPPY:  Whoa!  A Jedi with a sword?  Imagine the damage you could do. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?…..ham, Honey Boo-Boo, Junior mints, American Pickers, coffee ice cream, long walks on the beach….etc…

Marko:  That would be sour candy and Red Bull.

BLURPPY:  Please tell me you don’t enjoy them at the same time.  Please?  How is 2013 shaping up for you so far?  Any projects/ shows/ collaborations you can talk about or tease?

Agent Coulsen

Agent Coulson By Marko Manev

Marko:  I have an exhibition coming up on the 26th here in my home town with the new posters that I’m gonna put them on line very soon. There are some other projects here and there but its too early to talk about them right now. Also I’m planing to come to the US in the summer and possibly go to SDCC.

BLURPPY:  Ahhh yes, my aforementioned plan is coming into focus.  Blurppy will be there…Print Posse ACTIVATE!  What is your favorite movie of all time and why?

Marko:   Wow… there are so many and I love them for so many different aspects… But If I have to pick one I have to cheat because its a franchise, two franchises in fact! Star Wars and Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings Trilogy...plus The Hobbit 🙂 And why I love them? The first movie I remember seeing was A New Hope when I was two. I grew up watching Star Wars repeatedly. Every time I saw Luke catch his lightsaber on that skiff and igniting it, I felt like I could take on the whole Empire myself! Star Wars is written in my DNA! And even though its a franchise with so many flaws, you just gotta love Star Wars!

And why I love Pete Jackson’s movies? Because they’re made with so much passion and so much quality. I love everything about them, from the script to the music, to the visual aesthetics …its just flawless!

BLURPPY:  I would argue that Star Wars is so epic in part BECAUSE of its flaws.  The movies STILL have people talking about them, collecting and watching them all these years later.  I am beyond excited to see the upcoming movies with some new blood at the helm.  I have a feeling we are in for something special that will captivate a whole new generation.  Peter Jackson’s flicks are brilliant in part because Tolkein’s source material is timeless.  Such a great story and with Peter’s vision, it’s a grand slam. (BTW – You need to do some Star Wars/ Lord of the Rings prints for your portfolio.)

Pick one from each line as your favorite:

Peanut butter and jelly or Ham and cheese: Ham and cheese

Whedon’s AVENGERS or Nolan’s DARK KNIGHT RETURNS: Now that’s not fair! Love them both!

Summer on the West Coast or Fall in New England: Summer on the West Coast

Kubrick’s The Shining Movie or King’s The Shining Book: Kubrick’s The Shining! …Everything from Kubrick!

Morning or night: Love working in the morning, hate waking up!

Pizza or sushi: Sushi

Justin Bieber or Gangnam style: Neither

Cats or dogs:  Cats

Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd:  Pink Floyd

Charlie Brown Christmas or It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown:  Don’t know, I guess It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown


I would like to thank Marko for his time on this project and I look forward to see what he does this year.  Now lets summarize…He loves Star Wars and Lord of the Rings but needs to do some pieces of each franchise for his portfolio, he has a Silver Surfer graphic novel locked in his mind that needs to come out and I will be meeting him at SDCC this year.

You can follow Marko on TWITTER and be sure to check out Behance page HERE or go to his REDBUBBLE page to see more of his work and keep up on new projects.



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