Looking For The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift? Zing Revolution Has You Covered…Literally

Each year, February 14th strikes fear into the hearts of boyfriends, husbands and others as they scramble to find a unique, special gift for their significant other on that special day called Valentine’s Day.  Well take a deep breath and relax. Things just got MUCH easier.

MS-LPOP540176Zing Revolution wants to ease your pain and make you look like a hero, or heroine depending on your gender.  Zing Revolution allows you to easily personalize your iPods, mobile phones, gaming devices and consoles, laptops, iPads, tablets, hard drives, headphones, e-Readers, walls, refrigerators, dishwashers, and even credit cards with whatever image you want.

ZING Revolution Valentine's DayZiNG Revolution is the industry leader in music, fashion, art, television, and pop culture premium quality, vinyl skins and other accessories. They have the biggest collection of images in the world and really take to heart their tagline: What Does Your Stuff Say About You? 

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 10.40.00 AMIn addition to having thousands of licenses for pop culture images from music, movies, television and artists, Zing Revolution offers a new and easy way to use their very own CUSTOMIZER TOOL to upload a personal photo and turn it into a customized vinyl skin or your very own hard case.

Their patented 3M vinyl with air release technology and protective oracle allows consumers to apply and remove their skin without any leftover residue or air bubbles. All Z!NG skins are made in The USA, HD quality and safe for children.

With the launch of the Z!NG Revolution Home Décor and accessories line, you can now skin your walls, doors, refrigerator, washer, any other day-to-day appliances. But don’t stop there, customize your skateboards, school lockers, desks, even electric guitars, and add a little Z!NG to your life.


MS-1D120205Give that someone special in your life a lil’ bit of yourself with this affordable, unique gift that they will enjoy long after Valentine’s day has passed.  As an added bonus you can get 20% off your order AND free shipping if you use code: BEMINE2013 at checkout.

(Offer ends February 17th, 2013 and is only valid in North America.)

Be sure to follow Zing Revolution on TWITTER and check out their WEBSITE to see all the great images they license for animation, art, gaming, music, sports, TV and film.



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