Joe Hill’s Plans AFTER Locke & Key

Joe Hill has had massive success with Locke & Key but now that the Eisner Award winning series is coming to an end, his faithful following are asking…”What’s next?“.  Joe responded to one such query from one of his minions and here is what he had to say –

locke and key“I’m doing a 5-issue series called WRA1TH with artist Charles Wilson III, which should be out late-summer, early fall, and which uses some characters and settings and ideas introduced in my forthcoming novel, NOS4A2. You don’t have to read the book to enjoy the comic, though, or vice-versa.”

Wra1th image by Charles  III

Wra1th image by Charles Wilson  III

“There are also plans to do another short 6-issue project with IDW to which Gabriel Rodriguez will be contributing… but we prolly won’t talk about that until SDCC.”

“Finally, I’ve had ongoing discussions with an editor at one of the big two, and there’s a loose plan to do a mini-series involving one of my favorite pre-existing characters. But if that happens, it won’t be until ‘14.”

“I love writing novels and short stories and scripts, but will probably always think of myself as a comic book writer first. I don’t expect to abandon the field anytime soon.”

Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez

Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez

Joe has also said that “When Gabe and I wrap up ‘Locke & Key,’ I promised Gabe we were going to go do a cape comic,” said Hill. “The editors on that have been extremely patient because we’ve been talking about it for well over a year. … We’re going to do that and then we’re going to do another creator-owned thing.

Hill has previously stated that two of the most satisfying comics of all time are “Y: The Last Man” and “Sandman” due to the completion of the story with a satisfying conclusion. The writer also spoke about his love of “Batman: Year One” and Alan Moore’s “Swamp Thing” run, saying Moore’s final issue has “the feeling of the door closing.”

Given all this info I am leaning towards a BATMAN storyline from Joe and Gabe and personally, I would LOVE IT!  One thing that is important to keep in mind is that I also predicted that the New England Patriots would win the Super Bowl this year and we all know how THAT turned out.

Follow Joe Hill on Twitter HERE and follow Gabriel Rodriguez HERE.  You never know when one of these guys may let loose a hint about their future projects.


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