Utterly Fantastic “Superhero Noir” Posters By Marko Manev

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 9.31.50 PMMarko Manev is a very talented artists from Skopje, Macedonia and he is one of the original 8 members of the Poster Posse.  His recent work on BLURPPY’s World War Z Exclusive was great but this new series has my head spinning.  I would even go so far as to say it is his best work to date.

-GodofthunderAs soon as I saw it on his BEHANCE page I immediately wrote to him and asked for a few words about the project.  Here is what he had to say:  “Well, the main inspiration was Limbo the game.  When I first laid my eyes on the first previews a couple of years ago I said to myself that some day I gotta do something that dark and yet sooooo… beautiful!  I wanted to do a silhouette poster series of my favorite superheroes for some time now. 

-WeaponXI wanted to present the heroes in their full grandeur and yet be subtle about it.  So after I started working on the sketches I guess I was still under the impression of that noir style so it came naturally to do them like that.  Some of them weren’t planned to be included in the series, especially the Man of Steel, but after seeing the trailer for the movie I said, “What the hell, I gotta do this!”

-ManofSteelDon’t even ask me to pick a favorite!  My first impression upon seeing them was, “If he decides to sell these, I’m going to end up spending a LOT of money!”  My hunger for all things Dark Knight related make that my absolute FIRST purchase but after that…Thor and Weapon X are in the running for second and third.

-DarkKnightI have spoken to Marko to get a  sale plan for these beauties and all he could tell me was “Follow my Twitter for an update on that in the near future.”  Good news is it looks like we will have a chance to get them.  Bad news is I may have to get a second job to pay for them!  Excellent work Marko!  Be sure to follow him on TWITTER to find out where, when and how much.  You can also read a recent, in depth interview BLURPPY did with this artist HERE.  Based off some info he divulged in the interview I would venture to guess that this Silver Surfer piece is HIS favorite from the group.




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