Gallery 1988 Partners With The Academy And Tackles The Oscars With “For Your Consideration”

The Academy and Gallery1988 have partnered and commissioned a small group of brilliant, young international artists to create original screen prints inspired by this year’s nine Best Picture nominees.

Gallery 1988's Jensen Karp

Gallery 1988’s Jensen Karp

Working hand-in-hand with the Academy has been a dream come true for Gallery1988 and its artists,” said Jensen Karp, co-owner and co-curator of Gallery1988. “So much inspiration has come from past Oscar telecasts as well as the amazing range of films that have been nominated this year. It was a perfect fit for our style of artwork and treatment, and we can’t wait to show everyone the results of some of our most creative contemporary minds.

These screen prints are not available for purchase; however, fans will have several opportunities to obtain limited edition posters. On each day of “For Your Consideration,Gallery1988 will give away free posters to the first 100 people who visit the gallery at a specified time. For information on when each film poster will be distributed, visit or follow Gallery1988 on Twitter and Facebook. Fans outside the Los Angeles area can find out about poster giveaway opportunities by following the Academy on Twitter  and Facebook (TheAcademy).

Here is a look at the first 9 prints but if you follow Gallery 1988 on TWITTER you can get hints of prints to come….

AMOUR by artist Matt Owen.18x24 screen print

AMOUR by artist Matt Owen.
18×24 screen print

Matt Owen is best known for the LACMA Live Read posters. He likes to take a minimalist approach to design, using a vintage aesthetic. Most recently, Matt won a nationwide competition to design the new cover of Ray Bradbury’s classic novel ‘Fahrenheit 451.’ He currently lives in Little Rock, Arkansas.

ARGO by artist Anthony Petrie18x24 screen print

ARGO by artist Anthony Petrie
18×24 screen print

Anthony Petrie is a poster, product & graphic designer, illustrator, and general maker of things & stuff. His portfolio includes work across a broad range of mediums, he likes creating good design for good people, and he has an unhealthy obsession with zombies. His headquarters are located in the glorious state of Rhode Island.

BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD by artist Rich Kelly18x24 screen print

18×24 screen print

Rich Kelly is an illustrator hailing from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. With an emphasis on his drawings and an expressive, figure-centric subject matter, he has worked with such clients as The Black Keys, Phish and the Dave Matthews Band. He got his first dog in 2011 and has never been in an airplane.

DJANGO UNCHAINED by artist Mark Englert36x12 screen print

DJANGO UNCHAINED by artist Mark Englert
36×12 screen print

Mark Englert has been a working artist all of his professional life. Starting in comic books and gradually getting involved in design, concept art, illustration and most recently, limited edition poster art. A California native, he currently resides in Lake Arrowhead with his wife, one-year-old son and an ever-growing appreciation for a youth squandered watching movies, reading comics and playing video games.

LES MISÉRABLES by Phantom City Creative18x24 screen print

LES MISÉRABLES by Phantom City Creative
18×24 screen print

Phantom City Creative is a Toronto based studio founded on a stormy Friday the 13th. Located right in Toronto’s studio district, they focus on entertainment design and illustration for film, television and music. Working with such clients as Mondo, CBS Films and Radius TWC, PCC has created a name for itself in the film and entertainment world. Recently they received two silver Key Art Awards (in the Illustration & Festival One Sheet categories) for their commissioned Cabin in the Woods poster.

LINCOLN by artist Jeff Boyes18x24 screen print

LINCOLN by artist Jeff Boyes
18×24 screen print

Jeff Boyes is a graphic designer, illustrator, and print artist located in British Columbia, Canada. With a Fine Arts degree, and training in lino-cut printing, screen printing and illustration, Jeff has received international recognition for his ability to portray some of history’s most influential pop culture moguls by utilizing a detailed technical approach that also embraces subtle creative elements and effective color palettes.

LIFE OF PI by artist Tom Whalen18x24 screen print

LIFE OF PI by artist Tom Whalen
18×24 screen print

Introduced to graphic art by the likes of Ditko, Lee, McFarlane, and Simonson at an early age, Tom Whalen formally studied illustration and design at Kutztown University, where he began to combine his love of the 4-color world with a newfound passion for typography, negative space and color theory. Tom has recently completed projects for The Beatles, The Black Keys, Jack White, The Misfits, Hasbro, Disney, Warner Bros., Lucasfilm, Paramount and Nicktoons.

SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK by artist Joshua Budich18x24 screen print

SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK by artist Joshua Budich
18×24 screen print

Joshua Budich is an independent illustrator, working for numerous galleries and media-outlets around the globe, with a primary focus on screenprints. He graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore County with a BFA in 2000, and resides in the Baltimore/DC area with his wife, son, and baby on the way.

ZERO DARK THIRTY by Godmachine18x24 screen print

ZERO DARK THIRTY by Godmachine
18×24 screen print

Godmachine was born in Cardiff, South Wales, it was a difficult birth; his parents were in London at the time. He grew up on a steady diet of nothing, 2000AD comics and Santa Cruz skateboards. Although a vegetarian and a devout antitheist he collects animal skulls, animal horns and crucifixs along with old discarded black and white photos.

For Your Consideration” also features 12 illustrations of memorable Oscar moments by Oliver Barrett, a light installation by Julie B (Pretty in Plastic), and other Oscar-inspired work by artists Olly Moss, Nan Lawson and DabsMyla.

Looks like I need to pack a sleeping bag and start hanging out at Gallery 1988!



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