Watch This Video To See Why Brazil Is The Scariest Place On The Planet

Unfortunate for me, I saw this video in the late hours of the night.  It has haunted me ever since.  The following video was shot in Santo Antônio da Platina, Brazil.  If you are one of the millions of arachnophobes, don’t watch.  The video shows “communal” spiders hanging and weaving webs from the city’s power lines.  The mere fact that you can see these eight legged demons even when the camera is zoomed out speaks to their actual size.  Scientists are saying that there Scientists have said that of the estimated 39,000 known species of spider, only 20 or so have been documented to cooperate in “teams” to catch much larger prey than otherwise normally possible.

Arachnophobia facts

  • There are approximately 40,000 species of spiders. TOO MANY FOR ME!
  • Most spiders are not capable of penetrating human skin. WHAT ABOUT MY MIND!?
  • Most spiders will bite humans only in self-defense. I DON’T CARE, I’M STILL STEPPING ON THEM!
  • Most spider bites have no more effect than a bee sting or mosquito bite. BUT WILL SCAR YOU MENTALLY…FOREVER!
  • Recent studies show that the ‘toxic effects’ of spider bites are often of no medical relevance. AGAIN, THE MENTAL EFFECTS LAST A LIFETIME
  • Most venomous spiders are not capable of injecting enough venom to warrant medical intervention and of those that can, only a few cases are recorded to be fatal. NOT IF YOU STEP ON THEM FIRST
  • Most researchers agree that the Australian funnel web spider is the one to avoid because of its aggressive nature, but even so, there are only two recorded bites (not deaths) a year. AUSTRALIA JUST BECAME THE SECOND SCARIEST PLACE ON EARTH.
  • In western society, around 55% of women and 18% of men experience a fear of spiders to some degree.  GUILTY AS CHARGED
  • In the 20th century there were around 100 reliably recorded deaths from spider bites (one a year on average), but there were 1500 deaths from jellyfish stings. I DON’T LIKE THE OCEAN EITHER SO WHATEVER
  • The house spider – usually spotted during autumn running around our carpets looking for a female mate – is not harmful to us. THAT’S BECAUSE I STEP ON THEM!



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5 Responses to Watch This Video To See Why Brazil Is The Scariest Place On The Planet

  1. nannyt says:

    Darn there goes my bucket list of a trip to brazil ! Too creepy. N


  2. There’s a lot of Spiderman in the making… lol


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