Watch This Alternate Timeline Concept Piece By Denis Medri Called “Batman Rockabilly”

Batman Rockabilly is the brainchild of Denis Medri, and Italian cartoonist and  freelance illustrator.  Here is what he had to say about the project.  (I have translated the Italian as best I could.)

Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 4.40.04 PMOne day in my head appeared the Bat-mobile as a 1950’s hot rod and with that, Batman was no longer the playboy billionaire businessman, but became a greaser, a mix of James Dean, Marlon Brando and the Fonzie.  His universe was transported in a broader context to West Side Story ,purely 50’s and quite spontaneously turned Catwoman into Betty Page, the Joker into Jerry Lee Lewis and the Penguin into a local gangster boss who runs a business with a cover that has to do with fish.”

Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 4.40.59 PM

The project has been widely accepted on the internet by fans and media alike.  Last year
Denis was contacted by a German magazine that deals with rockabilly culture to do an article and there have even been people who have asked him to make them 50’s style tattoo designs with the Batman characters. Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 4.42.06 PMLast September a group of cosplayers from Portsmouth, NH adapted his characters into their own costumes, calling themselves the Gotham City Rocker, for a Halloween parade.

Denis hopes to make this project official with DC and has the support of many folks from around the world who want the same thing.  He has even received support from none other than Scott Snyder who has mentioned his work on twitter a few times.  Denis was thrilled when Scott’s wife secretly contacted him, knowing Scott’s appreciation of his work, to do a personal image for Scott’s birthday.  (See image below.)

SnyderPhotoWhen asked about what he is working on now, this is what Denis had to say.  ” So, there are several things I’m doing with many projects in the pipeline.  My first job as a writer-artist will be for Dark Horse Comics, “Arcade Boy,” which will be published in the journal Dark Horse Presents and will consist of three short stories.

Arcade Boy preview

Arcade Boy preview

Also, I’m working on a special project that will go on the comic site this month. This one is an interactive comic for iPad written by Arin Levites and developed by Tall Chair, a San Francisco company. The title for that project is “Atlantis – The Last Survivor“, which will be colored by Paul Francescutto, my invaluable collaborator for years.

"Atlantis The Last Survivor" sketches

“Atlantis The Last Survivor” sketches

Take a look at the short video and see what all the hype is about and just why Scott Snyder even likes his work so much. You can check out his BLOG, follow Denis on deviantart or head on over to the Batman Rockabilly  FACEBOOK page to learn more.

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