The Cost Of Living On Mars…YIKES!

As things get more crowded here on the Big Blue Marble and Global Warming gets worse and worse, folks are looking for alternatives.  Better ways to live sustainably and even places to get away from it all.  REALLY get away from it all.

With the recent announcement from Dennis Tito and the Inspiration Mars Foundation that they are going to send a Man to Mars it seems like a good time to crunch the numbers and see what the reality of this truly is.  The following infographic shows actual numbers associated with the cost of moving to Mars and was produced for It got picked up by Wired, and even got featured on the aforementioned Web TV episode over at


Getting there is only the start of the massive expense. Then you factor in food, water, habitat, etc.and the price just skyrockets…literally! Check out the video from D NEWS CHANNEL where they break the infographic down and make it glaringly clear that we are NOT ready to inhabit the Red Planet….not yet at least.


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2 Responses to The Cost Of Living On Mars…YIKES!

  1. Mordanicus says:

    Great post! Costs are the main reason why current (private) Mars colonization proposals are flawed. Most Mars enthusiasts tend to ignore the required costs for maintaining a colony on the Red planet, and mention only the costs related to the launch and travel itself. Subsequently most of those programs do not mention the economic viability of such colony, instead most mars colonists prefer to talk about the technical feasibility of Martian settlements.


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