Toyota Introduces A New Electric Vehicle Called The “i-Road” Personal Mobility Vehicle

Earlier this month, at the Geneva Motor Show, Toyota displayed their latest electric vehicle, the i-Road.  (I don’t know about you but I am OVER every new product beginning with an i.  The i-Toaster, the i-whoopie cushion, the i-Pad.  Wait, the first two stink but that last one isn’t too bad.)

iroad-580x435Anyway this vehicle really caught our attention and now there is a cool promo video for it that REALLY has me wanting one.  The first video is from the actual Geneva Motor Show.  The dancers kinda throw me off and the vehicles headlight looks like it belongs in Tony Stark’s chest but you get a good look at it on the convention floor.

The vehicle is fully enclosed but moves like a motorcycle by utilizing what Toyota calls “Active Lean Technology”.  This technology allows the vehicle to “lean” into corners as it turns and has an automatic balancing system to keep you upright.  The three-wheeled vehicle fits two passengers tandem style, has rear wheel steering and given the fact that it is electric, it is silent like a ninja.

-0Toyota-i-Road-Personal-Mobility-Electric-Vehicle-3Currently it only takes a three hour charge that will only get you about 30 miles but since I don’t drive anywhere NEAR that each day, I really want one.  At this time it is still a concept vehicle but Toyota said it would be putting compact personal mobility vehicles to work as part of an experimental project designed to evaluate market response. (I have a strong feeling that the “market” will like this very much.)  Toyota plans to start the 3 year project at the end of 2014 in Grenoble, France.  (Wait, what? Grenoble, France?  What about San Clemente, CA!)

-0Toyota-i-Road-Personal-Mobility-Electric-Vehicle-5The wife has already put her foot down and said “No more motorcycles” but I bet I could talk her into this one and to be honest, I’m fine with that.  Have you seen how drivers treat motorcyclists in California?  It isn’t pretty.  I can totally see me and my buddy Larry cruising in this to San Diego Comic Con. Zipping around downtown San Diego like something from the Jetsons. Check out the promotional video below and give me your thoughts on this cool concept vehicle.


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2 Responses to Toyota Introduces A New Electric Vehicle Called The “i-Road” Personal Mobility Vehicle

  1. Brian says:

    Check out It doesn’t have the fancy lean thing, but it’s actually going to be made, and you probably will be able to afford it.


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